The Better Choice

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I remember featuring an enterprise level chat software a few months ago that made rave reviews around the world because of its awesome features and undeniable superior quality.

Today, I was a bit annoyed in our office because they kept using the pop up service in the operating system we use for work. We are not part of the operations and the notices were much all for the Operations Department, which means every change they have in that side of the world would also bug us while we're doing our work. We have Brosix 3 BETA installed on several computers and it does what the other ones could not do, even better! The chat software made every transaction or personal favors more efficient and fast; which resulted to better communication and fast paced work too. This literally could save us thousands of dollars just to go beyond regular red tape like in any company.

I do not mind if this awesome software replaces that annoying thing built in on our operating system, this is more personal and affordable; because it is free! Anybody in their right mind should never think twice and get this now. I just did!


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