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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've got a friend who just recently confided his problems with me. It's not that big of a deal really but for him it is something worth his married life. Yes, he is married to a smart and perfect wife and the only thing he can boast about is two things... his good looks and his ability to pro-create. Like any man, he's more into that machismo stuff. Without it, it would be like taking away his MOJO. Do you remember how Austin Powers went to the whole hurrahs of getting his MOJO back when it was stolen from him? It is somewhat close to that but not quite. We have to discount that my friend is not much of a comedian.

Here's the thing, he lost his ability to perform. I do not even know that this could be a reality, that someone that close to me would even be one. It is just surreal to think that he has impotence. It is just not quite the same person as I knew in college where he was often labeled as a ladies man and a womanizer. Times may have really changed because at that time, you would think this would never be his problem. I was wrong, but the need to help him has risen. Given the fact that I am quite healthy at that department should probably be a major factor why he told me these things. Generic Viagra was one thing I could suggest. In this day and age, it should not be too big of a deal anymore. There are a lot of functions enhancing stuff you can get at a fraction of its cost. Like on some on line stores, some have trial packs available so they can test it out first before purchasing big volumes of it. This is one sure way of getting only the effective ones so they would not have to waste money in the long run. They can also try the on line store's discount program (10% off for returning customers, 15% off refills, 2% when paying by AMEX or JCB, free shipping). I'm sure giving him enough information and encouraging him to take actions now would greatly help him. Knowing I was there when he needs me most is enough to make him happy and encouraged to get back into shape!


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