The Efficient Marketing Plan for the 2nd Half of 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Business Process Outsourcing industry has been my bread and butter. As you may all know, the company I work for engaged in accounts that comprises of technical, customer service and sales oriented entities. On a successful call, one can generate a couple of dollars which would cover only the expenses of the operations. The main generation of funds usually would go to up selling the same services for a fee if certain criterion are met like warranty periods, end of life or value added services. There are specific audiences that the company should only get, mostly only those whose interest has been the one they offer. This can be gathered by consumer surveys, on line forms and other means. Getting this without the process of having middle men and all the bureaucracy can be easily serviced by other private companies. Business Sales Leads have long been used by contact centers like ours so a direct connection and sure sale could be established. Not to mention the other services that they can avail after this transaction. This is very good for credit card companies, cable television, satellite transmission providers and businesses that would not want to waste time and directly go to the person/individual that will avail their products. Saves them precious time and money in the process because it would avoid red tape.

The equation is easy, more leads would mean more consumers that would gladly spend for your product. This would in turn generate more income for any company. We can always take our own resources and find clients on our own randomly but that would only take more time to get a single sale because it is like shooting air balls in a basketball court. If the interested ones are tapped, then there would no longer be sales talk events every time. Getting more sales in a shorter amount of period would also convert into efficient manpower usage for any company availing this service. It is the smartest thing a manager would think about doing if he plans to be more than the usual. We did that already, do you want to be left behind?


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