First Day Funk!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's June once again and everybody in this side of the world is preparing for their first day of school year 2009 - 2010. In anticipation of the huge traffic and markets picking up this season, I travel a lot earlier now so I would not be late for work. I am also trying to find the perfect bag for my NIKON D60 which I bought for my self this month. It may be expensive but that ended my frustrations in photography so it is well worth it.

Aside from that, I was sponsoring a child in a local charity. I did that so there would be something good to do this year. Good thing I have friends who share the same passion that I do so it was not that hard. We bought some school supplies, personalized kids backpacks and a couple of toys to go with it. At least they will have a better time studying while playing on the side right?! I wonder why I never get to do that when I was a kid... ha-ha!

At home, we are going to have a hard time this week because the person who we pay for weekly to wash clothes is out of town. She is not going back until next week, so I'm sure our laundry bag is going to be filled. I have been looking for alternatives but you know how expensive laundry services are in Manila. If you do not do it by bulk it would even be more expensive.

I've got a friend who also gave birth to a bouncing baby boy this evening. I'm so glad I get to be part of the whole process, not the making the baby part obviously but more on taking care of the Mom. You see, she's not that safe in doing these pregnancies and this one in particular is included. I hope she does not read this entry because she will know about the baby memory book I got her this time. The kid is so cute; no picture is going to be wasted!

I have so many plans in so little time; I hope everything turns our right. Let's do the first day funk!


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