My Friday, June 12, 2009 - Independence Day

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's June 12 today and it's independence day in the Philippines. Whatever it means to you, happy independence day!

I just got my IR remote for Trish, bought it this morning and they delivered it around noon. I'm happy because now it would be easier for me to take self portraits. Although I don't know how I would be able to hide the remote when I take a picture of myself... 10 second delay maybe? Hehehe.

Aside from that, I was in constant stomach pain this morning and afternoon. I barely got enough sleep and almost was late for work. I'm gonna still work my butt off though. Not that I'm complaining, but it would be nice to have a raise of some sort... my tax is getting bigger by the minute but my basic pay is still the same. Same old story huh?! Haha...

I'm angry at some people right now, because they told me they'll pay me back. But its been a few months and no news of that payment yet... how I wish there would be some hitlist I can put them on so they'll be dead the day after... I would really love to sign them up for that! *sarcastic*

I'm happy it's the weekend once again, I would be able to go back to my new hobby again. I'm going to Trinoma tomorrow so I can visit the crumpler store. Probably buy a camera bag for Trish (My Nikon D60) *there I go again addicting myself to bags!* and a tripod, and a lenshood for the kit lens. The list goes on and on! This is getting to be expensive I know, but I'll stop buying stuff somewhere in the middle. Anyway, I haven't got a lens yet for shooting a little far. If someone would buy me a gift, that would be nice! Heheh. It would not be bad too if you guys started donating them spare dollars you know! Hahah!



teJan said...

oh.. thanks for sharing! i miss it! I am a filipino, in my blood ruuns the immortal seed of heroes;) good day! i'll add you up!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY Independence Day

webinzz said...

HAPPY Independence Day