Vacation Home Furniture Dilemma

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was planning to have a theme for our home in TAGAYTAY, a province just in the outskirts of Metro Manila. Since the ambiance was a little "Country" I was thinking of a way to put in rustic furniture on it. The goal was to at least give it that natural feel since the place was going to be in the middle of a coffee farm and surrounded by big trees and shrubs. It would also have a modern element to it because we mostly want it to be made up of a combination of industrial steel and natural wood. This would be a little hard to provide as an initial concept for design, but that is what my family wants for this small vacation home.

I guess I have to start somewhere to make this a reality. We already have a couple of pieces from our original house that we plan to transfer to the new house. The bed however needs a little replacement because our old one signed up for retirement. It's not infested with termite or something but it just is a little too old for the place. Maybe the bed was just a part of early 60's modern design but looking at it, it just does not fit in the whole picture. It looked like pop art all over again. We would be a laughing stock if we forced that into place. I hope we finish everything before my brother arrives from Ireland. He is going to be upset if that does not happen. I know!


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