Pissed at MIS

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I’m not surprised… actually I am pissed because the MIS suddenly blocked some sites including image hosts that we need for work. I hope they know what they are doing because tomorrow I am probably going to file a complaint against them. This is just not right, and they are treating us like ordinary people from operations. I just hope they get our connection back so we would be able to do this in a nice way.

We are all at a point where we need some things and they just go their way and block them just by looking at our logs. This seems to be a privacy issue now. They are looking at our activities already, it is just not right. How far would you go in doing this? They can go ahead and do it on non work related sites, which I don’t care about. But if it is already for related ones, I think the right thing to do is complain about it right? Just wait until I get to work tomorrow. I will get into the bottom of this.


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madz said...

Yeah, go and fight for your right!