My 4th Photoshoot: Digital Katipuneros Wildlife Photo Walk

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday turned out to be another whirlwind of a day, I had to go to a few places in the Metro that would require me to tire my self a little. Man! It was worth it! I had another great photo shoot with Digital Katipuneros this weekend in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. Landscape was a thing that I was doing with my point and shoot cameras when I was a frustrated photographer, so this was like testing the waters for me. It was a nice afternoon too because the weather cooperated. I went to the park exactly at 1PM and lounged around the park because I was expecting everyone else to be late heheh.

I was taking photos in the lagoon when I decided to contact Andy, he was already there too which I didn't know heheh. Sure enough I met with him where the eagles were, and took a couple of shots before we walked some more to wait for the others to arrive. We were only 7 I guess but it was great to take a break from the usual studio shoot, it was very nice indeed to see photography take shape in real wild life... Here's a peek at my shots... Enjoy!

I'm also embedding my previous photo shoot which I made a video of... I hope you enjoy this one too!


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Riki Setya Ramdhani said...

hi, how you doin?

Long time no see, just droppin by :D
anyway nice posting and nice shot:D

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