Philippine Fashion Week 2009 (My Very First Photo Shoot)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Well here goes nothing, I'm just gonna give you a glimpse of what I did in at Philippine Fashion Week a week ago. I hope you like these shots I took from the sidelines. I never got a good place in the photographers area because it was packed!


This was my first photo shoot using my new Nikon D60 camera. It was a good practice run for me so now I know I'll get better position the next time I have to go. But some of my friends see that they are not that bad. This was a collection by Renee Salud. I had a chance to take a look at some of the Philippine's most beautiful people, and talented ones (for those who were not that goodlooking hehe) and I enjoyed it a lot. Not to mention I was only a few steps away from celebrities, the people who know them and the designers themselves. Renee Salud has been geting raves since the late 70's and was given so many accolades for his fashion line, and discovering models. His eye for beauty is undeniable, and this collection that combines Asian, Neo Japanese and Filipiniana designs are a sight for sore eyes. I'll definitely try to score some tickets for next year when this happens again, it's one thing I will come back for. So how do you think I fared in photography? Heheh...

Here's some of the raw sights and unedited pictures from Fashion week:


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