Bon Voyage Arpee!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Arpee is a colleague of mine and we are literally a few seats apart in the same project, same department. He's going to the US this June to visit his family and spend quality time with his siblings since he's based here in the Philippines. It would be a little rough since we are all going to spend more time in the office and fill the gap in his absence, not to mention our boss is going to be in town in a few weeks too but I think everything would be alright as long as nobody would get sick. We are going to be a little bit crippled if that happened but its okay, we hope he enjoys his stay there... pasalubong ha! Heheh...

Well now he knows my shoe size and the new camera I got, he probably knows what brand I prefer and what lens would fit on it heheh. Just jokin pero syempre pag sineryoso nya pwede na rin hahaha!

He's a great artist, percussionist, drummer, photographer, traveller but he's small so God really has some way to compensate things hahahah. He's talented but more of a late bloomer when it comes to love (tama ba bheng?! ^^ ). He's got a huge guitar collection and its not those simple ones you often see at stores because some of them even come from the US or other parts of the world. I think he's just lucky to have em... but in all these things he's a cool person. We all wish him a safe trip and look forward to have him back in the team in a couple of weeks time. I hope he spends his vacation well in the US, because some of us never had the luxury to do that. Hehehe most probably I was referring to myself hahah!

Good luck Arpee and Bon Voyage! Yan ha na blog pa kita hehe!


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