You Are All I Need!

Friday, May 29, 2009

We also have a house in TAGAYTAY City that we have to furnish. With the current financial crisis hitting us and everybody else in the world, I would not be surprised if we would have a hard time doing it. My brother is filthy rich and he would probably get the property filled up by the end of the year. Modesty aside my folks and I should probably also step up and get the major pieces we need for the vacation house we dreamed of. I am mostly an Oak - woodsy type of person and that is one thing I am looking for in design. I got catalogues from the best ones in the industry and some of them are not as par. Here I go relying again on the Internet to get what I want, so I clicked a couple of sites and found one exactly for the DINING ROOM FURNITURE I need.

I will probably get the one that is in the price range of about $1500 to $2000. Maybe if we are to get shipment costs lower, this would really be feasible. Then after that, my brother could probably pick up some other architectural pieces that would compliment what we have planned for the home. It is colder there, but it would be nice to get acquainted with that kind of weather when summer comes. That is just a great idea!


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