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Saturday, May 09, 2009

PC Tools Together is a community that would help in the interface translation of the popular anti-virus software THREATFIRE. This is a huge initiative from people around the world to have this free software improve itself and have different language packs for ease of use. I know I have not used this one yet, but just by reading the facts on it website and the comparison it did from other branded and paid ones. This is extremely going to be a better choice for people that could not afford subscription enabled ones. With the viruses taking shape and new form around the world, this maybe the only one that can catch up with it.

We can all contribute to this cause by just joining their community and see where we can help. I was impressed to see that they have already translated a lot in Turkish. I wonder if I could suggest to have this translated to Filipino or TAGALOG. That would be nice for people in the South East Asian region. I know we have a very high English speaking rate in the Philippines but like major websites like Google or Microsoft it would be nice to have them in the native language so we all would have a choice. I try to be the best linguist for all my friends, so I will try my luck so they could do it in our national language. I understand that I would need to request for it first in their forums, but I do not think they would shy away from someone who would just want to help. I posted this so you guys can do it too. This is for a very good cause anyway! You can do your part to save the world because there is a BETA program that you can join here. So be smart and do the right thing now!


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