The Multidimensional Process of Physical, Psychological, and Social change: Getting Old!

Monday, May 04, 2009

People get old and that includes me too. If you ask my age, I would probably be answering you back with a "YES" which means I would not tell you a specific number ha-ha! There comes a time in your life where you are in denial that wrinkles, gray hair and age takes place. Others resort to surgery and other cosmetic procedures, but I am blessed with great skin so I do not even think about that. I sometimes see them too stretched in the face that it is funny they deny they went through all that. You can even see stitches in the neck area but they refuse to admit they went under the knife. That I think is the irony of life, we want to live it but we never want to age.

There are thousands of wrinkle creams and products in the market and only a few of them pass my standards. Not that I use them today, but if ever I would in the long run use one then I could start with retinol wrinkle cream that has been reviewed in major fashion and beauty sites as the most effective. There are different brands but if you need to start somewhere for that perfect formula that can get rid of wrinkles, dark spots and signs of aging then this is the one. I do not want to get old like most of you but in case we cannot avoid it, we have to do our best to at least take care of ourselves. Nothing beats drinking lots of water, washing your face regularly and keeping our skin clear and oil free. Do you have secrets how to do this? Let me know!


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