I Miss High School

Monday, May 11, 2009

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I am reminiscing again of my high school days, when everybody was dancing at the quadrangle to the tune of Stars by Simply Red and Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas. It was just an era when I enjoyed life. I am not in the mood to be with my peers today because of some personal matters. They know it, I know it too. But I guess everything would probably fall into place if you think about it. I hope they know what they are doing. I hope I don't get too much aloof when the day comes when we would meet again. I enjoy their company and everything there is about them. I just hope they stop talking behind my back. I don't want to regret the day I befriended them. I miss them I guess but I don't want to get mushy. It's just not right for my site. People may stay away if they knew I was a dork ha-ha!

I had a rough childhood but I did enjoy my high school thingy, even if I did a lot of things I should be so humiliated for. I won't tell you of course because that would be detrimental to everything I am in this world. You can pay me a couple of million dollars before I do that :)

I miss my friends, I miss my teachers, I miss the time when I was great in class, I miss the first time I fell in love, I miss the time I knew I was abnormal, I miss the time I went out with my friends not thinking where to go or what to do, I miss the time when we had sleep overs, I miss the time when we all just sat down and drank a few bottles of gin or beer, I miss marching in the sun, I miss the time when we went to Virra Mall just to but Betamax tapes of Dragonball just to know episodes of it, I miss the time when I played Dungeons and Dragons, I miss my dead Scout master, I miss the time when I was a Boy Scout, I miss the time when I called my classmate's mothers Tita, I miss the time when we had no money but still manage to have fun. I miss the time when we played in the arcades and computer shops until the wee hours of the morning, I miss the time people were so different as they are now, I miss the time when everyone was single, I miss my first best friends, I miss them... I miss them... I miss the time when I perform in front of people not minding if they laugh at me so hard I could puke. I miss everything about high school. I guess this is one sign I'm getting old. What did you back then that you do regret now? What was the most memorable thing you did in high school? Let me know, comments would be nice!


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Snow said...

I certainly miss highschool..yung mga friends at mga kalokohan...hahaha...

It's nice to remember the crushes din na kapag nakita mo sa reunion eh nawala na yung six pack... ^_^