More Than A Cup of Joe!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee now. I'm a fan of coffee obviously because I even have that favorite flavor popping up your screens every time you visit my site. I indulge in the sweetness of caramel and the strong espresso flavor each time I order this in the most popular coffee chain in the world. With the economic situation, they were not spared because we saw them close down almost all their branches in Australia. I wonder if the same also happened here. That does not dampen my interest with this addicting drink that I still manage to fill my self tub fulls every now and then.

How cold can you get? I enjoy this drink ice cold with just the normal instant coffee powder that almost every household has. A spoonful of sugar would be enough to make it irresistible to me. How I comfort my self with that and a laptop computer nearby is bliss. This is much like what I am doing now, so go figure!

I like it hot too. Although I have huge horror stories about it because when I tried buying a large cup in a convenience store nearby our office, I poured steaming hot vanilla flavored coffee before I went out. Lining up to pay for it, I kind of felt it was already seeping through the cup. Something terribly wrong was happening, I saw it already leaking by the time I reached the counter. True enough, as I placed the hot item on the desk it was making a huge mess and people were looking at me like I did it on purpose. It was so humiliating, even my friends were laughing at me that time. I politely asked for a coffee sleeve so I could at least get another one and not hurt my self in the process. I paid for it already and guess what, they did not have one. Imagine how many people would be purchasing that same drink and experiencing the same ordeal I went through. A simple coffee cup sleeve that would keep you safe handling hot drinks and they did not have that on their store! I wish there was some way we could get them on our own and have them personalized as well. I mean, we probably would be using them often since that is like staple in the office. Maybe if we got that endorsed in the administration department they could purchase some for us. That would be great if simple coffee sleeves be given free to everybody at graveyard shift. Right?! I'll try to tell them now.


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