Who Will Be Hosting My Site Next Year?!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My web hosting subscription is ending on August 2009 and I have not decided yet on what service I should pay for next year. The web site loads a little slow because of the hundreds of images I already have on it. I just do not know if it is caused by bandwidth restrictions or just the widgets I have loaded on my site. Funny you should ask, but I am really contemplating on getting a faster one real soon. I have to weigh the pros and cons obviously; there should be something that I can do to decide real soon.

I see there are web sites that review these service providers, maybe I need to go there and take a look. Experts already have indicated their web hosting rating on each of them and even ranked them according to specifications. The last person to have their say is the consumers. I will probably try and investigate how these companies fare with ordinary people and how they perform in real time. I know there are fly by night ones that give their services at a low price, but in the end will only get your site crawl a few minutes to load each time someone accesses it. That would be just bad for business and for your readers. I hope the top companies listed there are at par with standards. I fervently hope also that what they indicate on the specifications would really work for me. I trust the site who rates them since they not only give you names. They also educate people like us who do not understand the jargons too much in this industry. I am a geek but of course there are still some things that are oblivious to me. Good thing they are here to help! Web hosting rating has never been so easy to understand!


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puzzle said...

Mine is a newly purchased domain from go daddy. You might want to give it a try.