The Dream German Golf Holiday

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I was watching Amazing Race Asia this morning and one of the destinations they went to was Hamburg, Germany. I fell in love with the picturesque sights that was shown in that 30 minute part of the show because it was a combination of artistic and nice tourist attractions. It is a dream wedding destination and I could not help but smile a little every time they pass by large architectural buildings that spelled photography for me. It would really be nice if I could come there one day and take a lot of pictures since that is one great frustration for me.

Aside from that, if I retire one of these days from this busy work I have been doing for the past 5 years I would probably think of this city to play one of my favorite sports which is golf. Golf in the Philippines is a little expensive and would usually need exclusive memberships that cost around 3 Million Pesos. I do not have many luxurious vices and I was offered this a few years ago, but with that amount it is just not that practical anymore. Golf and similar establishments in Germany has been given much importance by the parliament. Without their support it would not be too easy to weather the world financial crisis because most businesses suffered a lot in the past few months. Not to mention some of the world renowned beer gardens shutting down operation so they could at least pay off their employees.

Golfreisen has been one way to make good business in this industry as more and more tourists flock to this first world country. With the packages they offer for professional or non professional golfers from outside Germany, one can never resist playing in their world class courses. I remember when Colin Montgomery played in the early 90's where no one could beat him for 2 straight years. He really enjoyed the German Open course because it is at par with the world's best. The designs were made from professional golfers and architects and you can see it evidently as he played through each hole. I envy him a lot and would give anything to experience that.

I hope someday, somehow I could get myself a Platzreife (a German golf license) so when the time comes that I get the chance to have a long golf ridden vacation... Germany would be my next destination. I just hope the next few strokes I play would not be just in local ones by then. I hope I get the chance to play in larger tournaments and not just charity ones which I often end up with. Not that I am complaining but it would be nice to do this professionally. That is another dream! Ha-ha!


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