The Nikon D60 Now In My Hands!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It’s expensive but hey! Who said that getting one is cheap anyway! I just got my hands on the Nikon D60 which I was thinking of getting these past few months. Not to mention always mention in every conversation I had with my officemates. I was dead tired a while ago but you know how it feels when you try to sleep but you always kept on remembering something? Well that is the same exact thing I was doing a while ago. I don’t want to experience a time where all I ever dream of was cameras chasing me in my nightmares. That would really be odd but that’s what most of my dreams are made of.

I did not sleep the day before literally and I was just lying on my bed practically squinting. Hopelessly trying to get some Z’s, but it never came. Too late it was already 7PM and I had to go to work at 9. Geeze, if only I knew that would happen I could have stayed in the office the whole day instead. Got to the van and drove all the way back to the office and done reports… but there it was again I was browsing camera sites at the side. It did not leave me alone, it just became worst because I was already taking notes of numbers, prices and establishments. Sleepy but I was still thinking of the camera… yeah I decided to go with the D60. The D60 ladies and gentlemen is much better than the D40 and a little less technical than the D90. If I had the moolah I would have gone for that but this one is just on the right place at the right time when I was looking for one. It was on the price range too, but I was thinking of getting a cheaper gray one or the one with the CDSC warranty on it. I made the choice of getting the CDSC which would practically get me through a worry free photography of 2 years free of service and parts at any authorized Nikon dealer.

I’m a noob at photography but I will get there soon. I’m starting to learn a few jargons already and I’m kinda getting there. I’ll be creating a different photo blog for that I guess. That would be better right?! Wish me luck!


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