Monday, May 04, 2009

This movie is awesome! I can't even contain myself because of the aftermath. I came out of the movie house grinning all the way home because I was so glad I watched this film. It was even more than I expected it to be. I know a bunch of us were fans of this guy in cartoons and in the XMEN comic book series so if you plan to sit down and wait for the DVD copy of it you'll definitely be sorry. The experience of going into the theater and spending that much for it was worth it. I could have paid more if that was permitted but since I'm not that rich anyway I would really just want you guys to go ahead and watch it.

Everything from the cast, the director and the Executive producer (Stan Lee) was awesome. It all started with Hugh Jackman portraying Logan, a kid who can get his skeleton out of the top of his hands and use it as claws. Logan had a mother and father but one stormy night, the father of his friend (who later becomes sabretooth) came in barging in the house and shot his father to death. He got mad and furious so he went ahead to kill that guy who later also turned out to be his real father. Shocked by it, Sabretooth and Wolverine started to be there for each other. Since they heal fast, none of them died in the years that passed. They both fought world war I, II and the Vietnam war. They were indestructible then because none of them died of gunshot wounds and can kill a whole company in minutes with their claws and bare hands. Leaping and slashing an enemy was not a problem at all. They were sent to prison later on for treason and killing their superior officer. Then the government needed them for missions, and so they went on a killing spree again because the antagonist wanted to exploit their mutant powers. Wolverine did not approve of it later on, then quit the group to go into the mountains. He was fooled into loving a woman who later on turned to be a victim of the government's exploits, as her sister was also detained for experiments because she can turn herself into diamonds that can be indestructible.

He thought he was being played on but later on in the movie, she told him that she really loved him. So he was hunted by Sabretooth, as each one in that former team was killed. When the government sought to kill him, they made it look like they killed his wife. This prompted him to take revenge, but since sabretooth broke one of his skeleton claws they offered him to undergo an experiment that would make him indestructible. He became weapon X aka wolverine as they injected a new material called adamantium that bonded on his body. Giving him claws that could surpass any material known by man. He wanted to call himself after a short story from his wife called WOLVERINE. In his quest for revenge, he found a lot of other mutants. Cyclops, Gambit and a lot of the other ones who eventually will stay with Professor X. If my eyes were correct, I think I even saw Storm there. But she looked like a normal african american kid at that time and you would not be able to see her if your eyes are not that fast. I think I saw in the other experiments Multiple Man, Lady Deathstryke and others but they were not in the story, nor did they use their powers maybe because of budget constraints hahah!

The last battle was between the guy who I thought was from the fast and the furious (Paul Walker) but he was really Scott Adkins that portrayed a more improved Weapon XI that had huge samurai blades as arms, can teleport, and heal fast because all their mutant powers were given to him in the experiment. His mouth was sewn because he did talk too much when he was normal. That was definitely an improvement they said. It ended when sabretooth and wolverine teamed up like when they were at war and decapitated Weapon XI. The nuclear power plant collapsed. Then they all fled to wherever they went. Wolverine however had amnesia in the end. I like Cyclops' optic blast that almost got the building collapsed and when Gambit appeared in the end. The rest of the scenes were to die for. So if you fail to watch this, you are missing half of your life. Make sure you do or be a loser!

I give this movie 5 out of 5 KUMAGS for being the greatest film for 2009 ever! Unless Harry Potter can beat that!


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