A Golfer's Dream!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I play golf every once in a while and it is a good stress reliever. I do not play professionally but veterans always tell me I should consider doing so. I think my swing was one convincing factor because I could have had a hurricane hitting the pimpled ball. I wonder how much would that cost since I am spending quite a bit in equipment already.

With the popularity of the game and Tiger Woods carrying all the fame and fortune that the sport has brought, you just have to consider playing in the big league. I only go to Veterans Golf and Country Club to hit a few balls in the weekend. Sometimes, I also play in tournaments that are being handled by charitable institutions on the same course. A local Golfshop had a couple of announcements on their boards about events that included prizes; but would require me to dish out several thousands of pesos before I could play. I know that is how it goes but it is getting a little bit expensive for me. Some of them are branded too so I am not that quite surprised if they go over the budget. If you do not know how and where to buy equipment it would even cost you more.

Golfreisen is next on my list because when I saw the picturesque beauty of the golf courses in Germany my jaws just dropped. I was at awe because even at the background you will never miss the mountains or some other postcard perfect locations. There are about 50 club memberships available in the different regions that can suit your taste. Do you remember those Marlboro commercials in TV? The sights were almost exactly like that or more. Maybe they did take a couple of their shots there. It is just pretty and I would love to go and visit their golf courses soon.

Platzreife is also available for those who would want to apply. You need that so you can play in Germany; it is a special permit for golf players. I hope I can get one soon, I barely have extra money for Philippine tourneys so I better plan ahead if I do think about going on tournaments in Germany at this time. I need to get my plans made because this will be one heck of a vacation. I need to make my dreams a reality and if that means I have to spend a whole month there, I will never think twice!



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TH said...

this place is beautiful not been there before. Once someone told me that gonna bring me play golf but never happen.