First Photo Shoot : Philippine Fashion Week, Band Portfolio

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's one heck of a hectic week for me because I think I have gone too far in scheduling activities. As my first photography lessons arrive, I will be participating in the Philippine Fashion Week this weekend and I hope it would not be as bad as I thought it would be. I have practiced quite a little at home and in the office to get more shots perfected as I embark in this new hobby. I hope I fare quite well in this album I'm planning to get. On Friday, this is going to be the lineup of activities:

May 29, 2009 Friday
5:30PM Grand Allure Collection
Featuring: Boy Guino-o, Benjie Manuel, Dax Bayani, Jaz Cerezo, Joel Bautista, John Herrera, Jontie Martinez, Lizanne Cua, Llyod Arceo, Marc Rancy, Melvin Lachica, Nat Manilag, Philip Torres, Popo Go, Ren Manabat (Function Room 2 & 3)
6:30PM Jag (MOA, Main Atrium)
7:30PM Reene Salud (Function Room 2 & 3)
9:30PM Premier Collection D
Featuring: Ceige Cagalawan, Delby Bragais, Dimple Lim, Edwin Uy, Kermit Tesoro, Norman Noriega

Then after that, a friend invited me to go to a photo shoot for an upcoming band. I will be getting a lot of experience from this obviously and it really is a good way to start this new hobby of mine. I already got the jargons loaded on my brain, now its just the application that I have to worry about. I'll be maximizing whatever I've got on a stock camera. I got the notion that I am doing farely in Macro shots but I am yet to practice glamour and portrait shots. With everything lined up for me, I hope I survive this weekend. I also got a date this Saturday so I'm looking forward to that! =)


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