Something Funny and Something to be Proud Of!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two things ran into my mind this week, one is Eugene Domingo. This funny lady has never failed to amuse me with her antics specifically the "HANDUSAY" part of her skits. When it made me laugh, I usually cringe because I could not stop thinking about it. In this particular video above, she interviews David Archuleta and David Cook while performing a few tasks for Anjo Yllana. This is so funny, and I'm proud to say I am an UGE fan. I will continue to watch her shows and movies. I'll try and get some humorous stuff from her too lolz.

This other video shows Charice in another one of her stellar performances over at the Oprah show. She launched her US debut single called "Note to God" which was originally sang by Jojo and the other girl from America's Got Talent... I forgot her name. Anyway, both David Foster and the composer already said that only she can do justice to this beautiful song. And she did... astounded audiences around the world she also now has a chart topper under her belt. Thanks to Oprah she's got the second most downloadable song in ITUNES. She also plans to collaborate with Justin Timberlake soon. Maybe she has a crush on him too like when she did with Josh Groban. Goodluck to this pretty lil girl from Laguna, which is a few hours away from here. ^_^ So proud of her!


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