Cookie Favors for Me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day is here and obviously you can probably see that in my recent posts I have not given my Mom a gift for the occasion. I am still in the process of getting her one that could remind her of me whenever she uses it. Where do I start? What should I get for her next? The list goes on and on but I have not made my mind yet. It is kind of late, but I don't think that would be a problem. It's the thought that counts!

She is one good swimmer. When I was a kid, I was often ridiculed because I never learned how to swim. Well I never did, but she was the persistent one who told me I could always do it. That kept me going until I was too big to even mind to swim, because I can easily stand on a 6 feet pool as I outgrew it. I still often see my mom taking baths every now and then and she uses beach towels most of the time. It is a little big for her since she is the smallest in the family at 5'4 I guess. I was thinking of getting her personalized bath wraps so she could fit in it rather than carrying a large one outdoors. Not only would that be fashionable but really functional for her.

If that does not work, then I could get her die cut stickers since she likes scrap booking. She is the one who also organized our family pictures and put a lot of other stickers on it. I like what it looks like now but she keeps reminding me to print out other pictures which I already have uploaded on my website. That would just be a waste of ink on my printer so I am taking it slowly when it comes to that. I think that would also really match what I need as a gift. I used to collect stickers when I was a kid and if she remembers the time I put them all over the house then she would also remember me. That would be nice.

She also loves to cook and would like to put up a business. Maybe if we sell cakes and cookie favors again she would remember the time I helped her bake. That was like therapy for me who had a self diagnosed ADHD. I really love to cook until now, so most probably if she does bake a lot of those chocolate chip cookies again it would just go to me. I think I am the only one who loves sweets in the house. I hope I do not develop diabetes like they did. I do not have any choice since I will be getting them from both sides of the family. The cookies would definitely be just for me! I would like that more! Ha-ha!

What did you get your Mom this Mothers Day?


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