Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This one is for my Mom! ^_^

I spent the weekend with the my most loved person in the world.... my Mom. It might sound corny to some of you but I don't mind, for me she's the best person in the world. I would do anything for her, because I literally and figuratively owe her my life.

She makes me feel brand new when I am being over used by everybody else in this world. My brother just got her a package for a spa weekend. I bought an 18 inch pizza and a couple of boxes of pasta and drinks to go with that. I also gave her a couple of thousand bucks. I still believe I did not give her too much, I even think I have not re paid her for anything she has done for me. I am planning to do so, but that would just take a lot of time and planning because I have not given up my vacations yet in the office Ha-ha! Sometimes I want to shoot myself so I'd get paralyzed and take a few days off so I can spend more time with her. I wonder if I can make arrangements for a trip late this year. I'll definitely try that!

I wish my Mom a very Happy Mothers Day! And hope you give your Moms a hug before you sleep. Let her know how much you love her!


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