Memorial Day 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Memorial Day in the US and everybody is on festive mood because my site seems on a slump lately. I've got to be crazy not to notice that because every program in cable was showing celebrations in the US and other naval and air bases around the world.

This particular day is celebrated each last Monday of May and is done to thank each and everyone who participated in the 2 world wars that the country went to. Not to mention the other small wars that some Filipino soldiers also participated in. I know because my Grandpa was part of it too, well let me just rephrase that because I think everyone at that time was part of it in the Philippines. We really did play a major role in the war and thousands of Filipinos died at that time. I remember my Grandma said a few things about going to the provinces to evacuate so they can stay away from Japanese soldiers who infiltrated the major cities. It was a good thing they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki otherwise there would have been more nations that could have gone under threat. We are situated in such a strategic place in the Pacific Ocean that everyone had to make us a part of it. I wonder what I could have done at that time... well I better stop day dreaming and start working. I've got tons of reports to do obviously.

To the veterans, thank you! Happy Memorial Day!


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