The Uncle Spoils His Nephews

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm meeting my nephews this weekend because my cousins invited a lot of our relatives for their Mom's death anniversary. I know it is not much of a big deal for westerners but Filipinos have this culture of having strong family ties. Not that we do not know how to let go, but we celebrate their good lives... and we remember them together with our families. It is not conventional, but that is how we do things around here.

My nephews are cute, bar none. The two kids even had several photo sessions with a famous guy last year so they could put them into vitamin C ads and labels for kids. It was really nice seeing them on the drugstore counter... if it was needed I could have bought one myself ha-ha!

Well being the good Uncle that I am, I need to probably buy them stuff because we seldom see each other. No, it's not bribery or anything like that. It's just something to remember me by. I remember when I was a kid people did not even give me that much gifts weather it would be my birthday or Christmas. I checked out the latest gifts on line and found personalized children's plates. I know that would really be a good thing to get for them since they would be using it everyday. They also like to go to school too, so maybe getting them a toddler backpack would help them study harder while being the envy of the other kids.

I could also get his baby brother an ezy roller so his folks would not worry about him too much while traveling. I just want the best for them so I should get them the best toys in town. I hope someday, somehow they will remember the Uncle who spoiled them. I in fact remembered mine and that is what I would want to happen in the long run. I'm no psychologist but that really did wonders for me!

What would you get your kids if you were in my place? I'm sure its one of those!


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