Beko's Efforts on Sustainability

Friday, January 14, 2022

Design has always been a good mark of a forward looking country. This has been seen in Europe where everything from the little pebble on the road pairs up with the moulding on the ceiling. It can be about texture, color, generation, of which done classy and tastefully would spark joy in any home. These days, it's amazing how even appliances have been following suit and making different colors, designs available for the Filipino market.  

EU's number one Beko takes pride in making sure you don't just get the best appliances from the European market. They go the mile to follow strict quality regulations and look good from any angle, but still think of energy efficiency. It's their huge commitment to sustainability that makes the difference which is why they've got things like Beko refrigerators with HarvestFresh Technology to keep all your fresh stuff last long inside the fridge. Aside from that, they utilize a compressor that does less energy consumption and can operate in different types of weather. Even their washers have ProSmart Inverter Motors to save 30 percent more energy. Today, Beko wants to have zero emissions by the year 2050. Big task but confident that they'd be able to do it in the EU. Saving the Earth's resources, lessen water pollution and staying environmentally friendly, Beko wants to do it today for the future generation. Why not right? That makes total sense.

If you want to know more about them, go to of BekoPH on Facebook. They've got tons of promos for you if you're in the look for appliances. Go check them out! 


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