Dairy Queen Holds MUDPIE Fest!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

My favorite flavor in Dairy Queen is the Mudpie. My friends, and family often joke about it because I don't get other flavors other than that back when the brand started in the Philippines years back. I fell in love with it because it had the right amount of chocolate, ice cream and cookies that I loved but I was sad when some stores didn't offer it anymore in the menu regularly, so I had to order it in special ways for stores that can still make it. I thought it was going to be that hard for me to get it, but looks like Dairy Queen heard my prayers and came out with the new MUDPIE FEST!

You'll now get the chance to order different Blizzard flavors like the Mudpie Oreo Blizzard, Mudpie Brownie Blizzard and Mudpie Almond Blizzard. They also have an even extra special one called Mudpie Brownie Parfait. Aside from that, they've got ice cream cakes like the new Mudpie Oreo Blizzard Cake which you can get in 6 and 8 inch versions. If you prefer a smaller batch, they have the Almond Mudpie To-Go Tin Cake which you can share with a few people and repurpose the container afterwards.

Thing is, the Mudpie Fest only lasts til March 14, 2022. So I think if there's an opportune time to go to Dairy Queen, I think it's now, other than that, you can opt to just get it for take out or delivery. They have a hotline 8911-1111 or dairyqueen.com.ph. You can also choose other delivery apps and they're there! I'm on my way to the one in Cubao because I love it that much!


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