LANDERS Superstore Calls for Donations

Thursday, January 06, 2022

I've been struggling appreciating the holidays especially when several provinces in Visayas and Mindanao were hit by Typhoon Odette. Although I've helped in my own little way, there are still a lot of people suffering without food, water, electricity and even information because internet connection doesn't exist.

Good thing there are several private entities that are launching donation drives to help in making sure supplies are going to get there. Landers Superstore members and non members can now donate water, hygeine kits, clean clothes, pillows, blankets, and other non perishable items in all their branches nationwide. Aside from that, you can purchase things to donate on their website and use the voucher code HELPVISMIN so delivery fees will not be charged, all of it will be picked up by the Philippine Army so they can get them to Typhoon Odette hit areas. As of now, they have a total of 12.5 Million pesos worth fo products delivered and 5 Million from their partner Deca Homes. They are also supplying tap water at the Grand Convention Center in Cebu during office hours, to hopefully not have anyone lacking water wherever in Cebu.

Go visit Landers Superstore branches nationwide and start sharing whatever you can for this cause.


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