Century Tuna Outs Heartwarming Short "Dahilan"

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

gh... here goes Century Tuna doing a heart pinching video to showcase the love for Mom. Seeing it yesterday for the first time made me very emotional, because as a certified Mama's boy, you always want the best for your Mom who sacrificed her life just to make you who you are today.

This is the handy work of famed director Antoinette Jadaone entitled "Dahilan". Guy works out even during the pandemic, eats and cooks a healthy meal, prepares a sumptuous brunch then fetches his Mom, carry her up a flight of stairs and had a heartfelt date. He made Mom cry, with joy in her heart, appreciates the gesture of her son. Ms. Antonette says Century Tuna and her ideas jived to put in front that it's not just physical strength that is important these days, but also mental. This talks more about living a healthy lifestyle so you get to spend it with people you love.  They call this "Century Tuna LOVE STRONG". This is so apt for the times.

If you want to know more about the story behind this short, check out Century Tuna's social channels today!


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