Start the Year Healthy with the Quaker Strong Bootcamp

Thursday, January 27, 2022

he new year comes so fresh, a time to start over and put your diet and fitness goals on track. Thing is, Quaker Oats is going to be there to help you achieve them. To start off things, they're holding the Quaker Strong Bootcamp Challenge st on January 31st to February 6, 2022.

These are various classes and sessions from local fitness studios to jumpstart physical activities and each day, they'll be holding free classes via Zoom sessions. There's Ride the Beat with Rid Revolution on the 31st, February 5 and 6. You can also participate in TMS on February 2. There's some sessions from Saddle Row on February 3 plus a Flyweight Boxing session on February 4th.


All you need to do is register via before February 5 and early birds will get to receive their own Quaker Strong pack that includes healthy snacks which you can consume prior or after your workout sessions. Aside from that, first 100 to complete the Quaker Strong Bootcamp Bingo Challenge will get the chance to get Quaker merch, pretty good stuff!

Quaker has been my buddy for years and it's got 7x more fiber, 1.7 times more protein which helps in digestion and muscle growth. It also has Beta Glucan which would promote a healthy heart. Follow QuakerOatsPhilippines on FB and they've got lots of information about this on their social channels.


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