Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I was here last year and I think there are still a LOT of people that would want to have their own GINEBRA jersey. Yes, it is still limited and with the new designs now, it would be the perfect shirt to have while cheering on your favorite GIN KINGS on PBA. They call it the 2018 Limited Edition Ginebra Ako Jersey Collection.

Why do I say so? Well for starters they did give homage to legends last year but this year, it's all about being GANADO AKO. It signifies the team's resilience and perseverance after playing in the PBA for 4 decades. It also puts out the "LAGING GANADO" or never say die spirit which the team and the fans are known for. 

You can spot an authentic limited edition shirt if it has the Ginebra San Miguel Label Tag, the Patch of Authenticity with an embroidered signature of Coach Tim Cone, plus the NEVER SAY DIE Patch on the backside of the jersey.

To avail one, you must purchase and collect 6 seals of Ginebra San Miguel or Vino Kulafu, or four caps of GSM Blue or GSM Blue Flavors, Primera Light Brandy, or GSM Premium Gin. Just add 100 pesos to claim your own Ginebra Ako jersey from partner outlets, establishments across the country. This will only be available starting APRIL 15 to JUNE 15, 2018 ONLY. 

The 5 Collectible Jersey Designs to choose from are:

Japeth Aguilar 25

Scottie Thompson 6

LA Tenorio 5

Greg Slaughter 20

Mark Caguioa 47

Jinri Park, Myrtle Sarroza, Wendell Ramos

They will also be doing a Ginebra San Miguel 3 on 3 tournament where winners will be getting Php 50,000 cold cash. Mike Swift will also be doing murals on courts where this tournament will alsp be done. After 40 years, Barangay Ginebra is still in your hearts, so hopefully you'll get these limited edition shirts too!

For questions about their new jersey collection, you may message them at or because it's all there!

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Erich Gonzales The New Face of mySlim

It looks like her secret is out, you probably have been wondering what keeps Erich Gonzales so fit and healthy when she went out for a swim during her recent movie SIARGAO. This is mySlim, a line of products that she use that can slim you down with the right reasons. It’s been for a few years and truly has been adored by people who swear by its effectivity. As Erich admits “It’s very important to take care of your body, because if it gives you energy, you become positive as well. I am very happy to be part of the mySlim family, I am super excited for this partnership. When mySlim approached me, I felt it was just perfect timing, I just included it in my health regimen. I go to the gym as much as I can and if I can’t, I do it at home and I don’t give any excuses. It’s very important not just because we need to look good, we need to feel good, it won’t happen overnight but it will definitely help. It all starts from within, if you’re comfortable and celebrate what makes you beautiful, it will translate outside. You want to nurture it, that’s what is happening to me. You have to workout, you have to know what you eat and drink is well researched. Make sure if you have reasons to be sexy, it has to be with a healthy mindset. I had to do it for myself, being thin isn’t necessarily healthy, it’s a different thing. I squeeze in my workout even on set, I lift heavy stuff, I use chairs, the capsules suppresses appetite, but you have to put in the hard work and not just obviously be dependent on capsules, it doesn’t work that way. But you have to really start somewhere.”

confidence is all from within.

mySlim Executives and Erich Gonzales

Vida Nutri Science brand architect Erick Armigos says “Being sexy means you know you have self worth, you want to take care of your body for fitness and health, not just because you want to be sexy. MySlim wilk take you there!”

mySlim believes in the Filipina, this is why they have been promoting wellness and this is a celebration for a new addition to their wellness family. Erich Gonzales fits the bill as she’s got healthy body goals. Yerba Mate is even more nutritious than the usual diet regimen you have, just like coffee, tea, things with anti oxidants. It is also a safe but potent detox agent. It also has Carnipure and Palatinose which hastens you to burn fats and utilize them as energy.

Me trying to work out during Oshopping haha!

“Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.” - Erich Gonzales

mySlim Dietary Supplement, boosts metabolism, increases caloric burn rate, suppresses appetite, increases energy

mySlim Yerba Mate Capsule with Natural Fat Burner Complex

mySlim Yerba Mate Drink, twice fat burning power, sugar free, taken every other day.

If you want to know more about mySlim, visit their Facebook page It only takes a few minutes to do that!

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New Series DECEPTION on Warner TV

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Imagine this, you're in the prime of your career in the entertainment industry. You get lauded for the magic acts you do, even named as the greates illusionist in the world... then one day you suddenly got involved in a scandal. One that you cannot escape, no clues who's behind it, and lose everything that was important to you, your life, your dignity. You lose your fame, your money, your whole career. What would you do in his shoes?

The first few episodes look very interesting as they are now forced to actually work with Cameron Black in order to solve their case. No he ain't coming unarmed but just picture this, one magician with a slight of hand skill versus a group of armed thugs, will he even stand a chance?

Well that's for you to see. I just like how they talk in monologues, not gilmore girls but just the usual normal people trying to solve crime the way they know how, often times, with clues that don't fall in their laps... then it happens. 

Make sure you watch this Jack Cuttmore Scott and Ilfenesh Hadera starrer as they portray the roles of Cameron Black and Kay Daniels on Warner TV every Monday at 9PM. It's a pretty interesting show especially for those who love mystery, crime scene investigations and magic. 

Easy binge watching.

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Veneers vs Dental Implants

People who are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing teeth that are chipped, crowded, cracked, discolored or missing have several options to choose from to return their teeth to their former beauty and utility. Two of them are veneers and dental implants.


Of the two techniques, veneers are the easiest on the patient. They are very thin, custom made shells that are placed over the patient’s teeth after the teeth are prepared by a dentist. They can be made from resin or from porcelain, which is very strong, stain-resistant and can be made to match the patient’s other teeth exactly. Resin has the advantage of being thinner and easier to place than a porcelain veneer. Because of this, not as much of the tooth’s enamel has to be etched or removed before a resin veneer is placed.

Even before the procedure, the patient and the dentist have a consultation where the patient tells the dentist which teeth they want improved and how they want the teeth to look when the procedure is done. The dentist in turn examines the patient’s teeth, orders X-rays and takes impressions of the patient’s mouth. Veneers are like dental implants in that both treatments require multiple trips to the dentist. In the case of veneers, the dentist first takes a very thin layer of enamel from the teeth that are to be treated. This adds up to about a half a millimeter per tooth. This is done after the dentist gives the patient a local anesthetic to keep them comfortable.

After the teeth has been prepared, the dentist makes another impression of them and has the impression sent to a dental laboratory in order for veneers to be created. They will also put temporary shells over the patient’s treated teeth to protect them and enhance their looks. Dental technicians create the veneers for the teeth after they receive the impressions from the dentist. This takes about two weeks.

The patient returns when the veneers arrive at the dentist’s office. The dentist places the shells temporarily on the teeth, trims them and adjusts them until they are a perfect fit. Then, the dentist etches the patient’s teeth to create a surface for the veneers to cling to securely. The dentist puts dental cement on the tooth, then fits the veneer. The dental cement is cured by a special light the dentist focuses on the teeth. Then, the excess cement is cleaned off, and the dentist may make more tiny adjustments before the visit is over. The patient returns for a follow-up appointment after two weeks so the dentist can check the veneers.

Dental Implants

Actual oral surgery is needed to give a patient a dental implant. These implants are made of artificial crowns that fit on an abutment that fit on a post that has fused with the patient’s jawbone. Getting a dental implant can take months and requires commitment on the part of the patient.

After the consultation, dental exam, X-rays and impressions are done, the patient returns to the dentist’s office. They are given anesthesia, and the dentist plants a post into the patient’s jaw. The post is most often made of titanium, an extremely strong, corrosion-resistant, biocompatible metal. The dentist closes and sutures the gum over the post. The sutures are removed after about 10 days, and the patient waits for the post and bone to fuse together.This fusion makes the post permanent and immovable and can take a few months. The patient visits the dentist regularly
to make sure that everything is proceeding as it should.

When the bone and post are fused, the patient returns to the office. The dentist opens up the area over the post, inserts an abutment then places the crown. As in veneers, the crown can be made of porcelain and can match the patient’s other teeth in size and color. Porcelain crowns are most often found on the front teeth, but back teeth can have crowns of metal, including gold, porcelain and metal or ceramic.

Both of these procedures allow a person to recapture their smile, which has benefits for their self-esteem as well as their social and work lives. Porcelain veneers last about 10 to 15 years with proper care, and dental implants last about that long as well.

For more Information on Cosmetic Dentistry visit King of Prussia Periodontics and Dental Implants website at

Patients in the King of Prussia area who have unsightly or missing teeth shouldn’t hesitate to call our dentists. Dr. Marissa Crandall Cruz is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Periodontology, the Academy of Stomatology of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley Academy of Osseointegration. She’s also a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Dr. Mana Nejadi was the Director of the Predoctoral Periodontics program at the University of Pennsylvania from 2013 to 2015 and had a three year residency in periodontics, implant dentistry and esthetics. Dr. Rimple Sandhu began her professional life as a dentist in her home country of India. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Periodontology and the Delaware Valley Academy of Osseointegration.


Accor Hotels Push For Sustainable Seafood in the Philippines

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunsets at Sofitel Manila

Set at the spectacular sunset of Manila Bay, Accor Hotels which includes Sofitel Manila, Raffles and Fairmont Hotel in Ayala, Novotel in Araneta Center, Joy Nostalg and the Mercure Hotel at the Ortigas business district joined hands in promoting sustainable seafood week at the Sofitel Seawall Garden together with Meliomar, the premier supplier for seafood in the country.

The GM’s of the Accor Hotel properties in the Philippines

AccorHotels Philippines Area General Manager Mr. Adam Laker says "Welcome to Sofitel. Accor being a large chain, we have a very big responsibility to sustainable seafood. Being an island country, we know how important it is to preserve the environment."

Atty. Benjamin Tabios from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources says "Celebrating sustainable seafood is under the law and it is good that the chain of hotels are spearheading this movement. It is the right thing to do."

Vince Cinches the representative from Greenpeace adds "Greenpeace is elated that they are in the right direction for our oceans to recover. Fish and sharks, sharks in particular should not be served. It is important for our oceans to recover."

Meliomar Inc. General Manager Christian Schmidradner says "Welcome to sustainable seafood week. We started small but now look at us caring for seafood sourcing, we continue today with a large government support and even NGO’s to welcome reporting of illegal fishing, to know where your seafood comes from, thank you for being here. Although it’s a small percent right now, this is a long process, not enough yet but with your help we can get there."

The Chef’s of different Accor Hotel properties in the Philippines
During the event, Chef's from these hotels whipped up the best of the best seafood dishes so they could showcase how good it would be to only source seafood without compromising the environment from overfishing and illegal ways. We got impressed by Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila’s Master French Chef Julien Cosse, Raffles and Fairmont Makati's  Executive Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne, Raffles Makati and Fairmont Executive Sous Chef Ric Ramos, Novotel Manila Araneta Center Executive Chef Michael Schauss, Mercure Manila Ortigas Executive Chef Patricia Mesina and Joy~Nostalg Hotel and Suites Managed by Accor Executive Chef Edgar Alejandria.

Here it is on video, enjoy!

I personally like the risotto, the rolls, and the fried salmon balls which was so exquisite! But most of all, the cause they are doing which I feel should be replicated in ALL hotels in the Philippines. It's the right thing to do so we could have seafood reach the future generations, our children's children.

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Unusual Areas that Liposuction can Fix

Liposuction is a highly popular types of plastic surgery that allows you to reshape certain areas of the body for a more fit and healthy appearance. Given the popularity of this plastic surgery, you may want to know about some of the more unusual areas that liposuction can treat, as the standard treatment areas of the hips, thighs, arms, and stomach aren't the only places on the body that this procedure can be used with. If you want to reshape a specific area of your body to improve your contours, liposuction could be the right treatment for you.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of procedure that's used to reshape portions of the body through the direct removal of any fat deposits that are unnecessary. The end goal for this treatment is to make the treatment area slimmer with better contours and proportions. It's a very simple and straightforward procedure, which means that it can be readily used in many areas across the body, allowing you to remove excess fat in practically any location. In most cases, you will only need to go through one treatment of liposuction in order to see results.

Given that this is one of the more popular plastic surgery procedures available, the results have become consistent and the procedure is known to be safe, which means that the risks of obtaining this treatment are minimal. You should also be aware of the fact that this procedure can't act as a method for you to lose a high amount of weight. To obtain the best results with this treatment, it's important that you exercise regularly and eat well.

What Does the Liposuction Procedure Involve?

Once you've scheduled your liposuction appointment, the first step to the procedure involves the administration of one of the three types of anesthesia, which can include general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or intravenous sedation. While the choice is entirely up to you, a general anesthesia affects the entire body and causes you to lose consciousness during the treatment, while the other two types of anesthesia will only numb the treatment area. It's widely recommended that you obtain general anesthesia if the treatment you're receiving is extensive.

Once you've received some form of anesthesia, small incisions will be made around the treatment area. The placement of these incisions largely depends on where on the body you want the liposuction procedure to take place. Given the fact that many areas across your body qualify for this treatment, it's impossible to identify the exact incision placement. When the incisions have been made, a tiny tube will be placed through the incision to loosen the fat, after which this fat will be suctioned throughout a unique type of vacuum. The incisions will finally be closed with sutures after the appropriate amount of fat has been removed. You will begin to notice the results of this treatment as the swelling lessens in the treatment area.

What Are Some Unusual Areas That Liposuction Can Treat?

The core areas of the body that liposuction is designed to treat include the thighs, hip, arms, and stomach, but this procedure can be used on many additional portions of the body. Although not as common as some of the other treatment areas, it's possible to obtain a liposuction for your back, especially if you notice the presence of back rolls. Despite how little this procedure is used on the back, this area of the body works well with liposuction due to how thick the skin is. For men, this procedure can be used on the chest when suffering from a mild case of gynecomastia. Other unusual areas of the body that this procedure can be used with include the upper abdomen and the legs.

What to Expect When Recovering From Liposuction

Once the liposuction procedure is completed, you may be required to wear small bandages or a compression garment in order to keep the swelling down. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with some specific guidelines to ensure that the recovery process is a smooth one. The time it takes for you to recover from this procedure can depend on how extensive the treatment was. If the area where the liposuction occurred is a small one, the swelling and small amounts of bleeding may dissipate in a matter of a few weeks. For larger treatment areas, be prepared for the swelling to be visible for a couple of months. If ever the swelling worsens or doesn't dissipate when you thought it would, call your plastic surgeon immediately.

Dr. Jason Altman is a plastic surgeon who has been double board certified with a focus on surgery around the body and breasts. The primary procedures that he provides include breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck procedures. You can find out more about him here:


GINEBRA’s Scottie Thompson Endorses Icy Cool Shake

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The most popular team there is in the Philippine Basketball Association is GINEBRA, it can go to many forms but the legendary franchise has always captured the hearts of the Filipinos and meeting the players during an event years back was but an opportune time because not everyone has been able to do that. If you are fan of the team, you know there are standouts and if my hunch is right you'll hear the name of Scottie Thompson in it. Peope probably think he's an american, or a fil-am, or a european but no, he's a full blooded Filipino who's born and raised in Mindanao particularly in Digos City, Davao.

We talked to him for a few minutes as he is now the new endorser of new ice cream franchise business called ICY COOL SHAKE. The very nice owner also told us about their humble beginnings and how their simple food business took off by doing research and development for a few months. Their secret? The perfect blend of ice and creaminess of their product, a thing that has never been achieved by their competitiors. They felt this is the prime time to come out with it because it's summer. It's the perfect business also that OFW's or just any ordinary joe could invest in.

Here's the interview we did for them in two parts, I was a little giddy, actually happy because of how people would recieve this. Anybody can have a business with an affordable price, a good business plan and location would help too and they are open to work with you if that needs to be done.

For those who would want to know more about getting their own franchise from ICY COOL SHAKE, you may get in touch with Ms Icy Mendoza 046 4027282 or their mobile number 09177051345. You can also email them via or visit their website Or simply message them at ICY COOL SHAKE on Facebook because they also have it there.

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James Reid and Nadine Lustre for Never Not Love You

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It looks like James Reid and Nadine Lustre is back. Fresh from their highly successful concert in Smart Araneta Coliseum called JADINE REVOLUTION, they are doing it on the big screen with NEVER NOT LOVE YOU. The screenplay and direction is done by blockbuster maker Antoinette Jadaone and is produced by their mother studio Viva Films and newbie San Joaquin Projects.

JaDine is also taking you overseas with this one as most of it is shot in London in the UK. You know they’ve done quite good during On The Wings Of Love and on this one, you’ll see JaDine portray the role of Gio, who’s a graphic designer, and Joanne a Management Trainee. They’ll be telling a story with ups and downs, how they eventually fell apart and perhaps start a new one. They already have successful films in the past like Diary ng Panget, but judging from the trailer alone on Viva Films channel, this talks of more hurt, more intense conflicts, hoping in the end that their love survives.

James says “Our relationship is more matured. For me love helps me grow, it depends on the person you’re with. Remember we started out as friends so we really began with a foundation. This film will be a little bit matured and might not be watched by young ones because of the language. It’s experimental, it’s what Antoinette Jadaone wants to happen, it depends on where the lines would go. Gio is a go with the flow kind of guy, I know our fans will watch this movie, I am 100 percent sure. We want them to see something different, this will be more real, raw, we know how things happen now, it’ll all be a little bit fearless. I don’t see myself as a millennial, more like an old soul. Direk is very young, she asks us through improv so we had to collaborate. Next project for me is Pedro Penduko. Like in the movie, they had to be apart in order to grow.”

Nadine Lustre says “Love can be romantic, for friends and family, love that I get from them is just beautiful, I became a better person because of it. In this relationship I learned a lot, and I am treasuring that. I actually got sick when we shot in London and we were a bit pressed in time. We had actors, we got permits to shoot there. We also hired professionals for bit players and even shot organic. To be real. I guess relationships are different in every couple, ours is very open minded. It’s not much of an issue for us. This is not a series, what we say and do here will be forever. The difference is how we did it, most are done on improv so it’s different from our past projects. I’ll be doing The Nurse which is a suspense horror type of a project, so we’re doing a lot with separate projects after this.”

This movie NEVER NOT LOVE YOU will be shown on theatres starting Black Saturday, March 31, 2018. I bet this will be good, I know how much the JaDine Universe miss these two!

I miss them too actually. :)

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TPB Supports Film Tourism with Cine Turismo

Thursday, March 15, 2018

We’ve got the best islands, the best people, the best tourist spots which can be found only in the Philippines. Now it’s hard to actually carry the mountains and put the beaches inside bottles to actually showcase them, so the best alternative is give them something that they can see.

This is Cine Turismo, a new campaign that would capture the interest of Filipinos and our foreign friends. The destinations, historical and cultural landmarks will all be included in these chosen films which will be promoted by the tourism promotions board under its COO Cesar Montano. They also gave recognition to those who have been showcased in 2016 and 2017. They are also pushing for the passing of the Film Tourism Bill SB 1330 to create more jobs in production, grow the economy and promote the culture.
Among those recognized were Sakaling Hindi Makarating, Lakbay2Love, Camp Sawi, Patay Na Si Hesus, Apocalypse Child, Siargao, Requited, Kiko Boksingero and international films Mango Tree by Lee Soo Song and Romantic Island by Cheol Woo Kang.
Cesar Montano says “There is a lot of potential in our movies and film tourism is growing in the country. People have great interest once they’ve been shown on film and it has boosted local and international tourism in tourist spots. I am confident we can do more this year!”

For more information about these films, visit their official website

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EX Battalion Signs With RRJ

You’ve heard their songs being played in every nook and cranny in the Philippines especially with the young ones who feel and relate to their lyrics, who am I talking about? It’s EX BATTALION. The rap group just signed with popular shirt and jeans brand RRJ and they have a lot of plans for the group now that they are now endorsing the brand.

Patrick of RRJ says “We are excited with EX BATALLION and you know how popular they are right now. We believe in their talent, we believe in them. Music Videos, billboards, possibly meet and greets. We will have ad campaigns for them.”

Ms Aiai says “Thank you RRJ for making them your endorsers, we are extremely happy for you to trust us. Hopefully in God’s grace this is just a start, seeing them on a billboard I feel like a stage Mom. They will have a tour in the US so they also have to have physical cd’s as the Filipinos in the US will have that. So expect that later this year.”

Ex Batallion says “Now that we have people who believe in us, we are very happy that they choose to sponsor us, they came at the right time. We feel we made it, we felt we have the potential and very thankful that my brothers in EX BATALLION will be suited up by RRJ.”

“Our swag, color coordination, that’s all going to be seen in our fashion collaboration with RRJ. We will have limited edition items which we will be working with them soon. We want to make our name right, we talk about it, we don’t want to fight. We started in an amateur rap contest, knew each other, we were in different groups but happen to know each other so we formed as Ex members of previous groups. I was skeptic that when Aiai found us on social media, she called us and it was legit. We sang and got 1 Million views, then we got booked left and right after seeking help with Ms Aiai. That’s when it all started. Way back then we didn’t know who will appreciate our songs, we previously had explicit lyrics and it was a challenge for us to make more wholesome songs.

Their members uttered “We have haters, we know, but they are the reason why we are doing our best. Now that we are here, we even have more, but it’s okay we’re getting the fruits of our labor. We also didn’t have help with our videos back then, but now with everyone’s help we have people who watch our videos. They now see us as artists and it’s a good thing with the situation of the Philippine rap scene. It’s hard to make music without a video because it makes everything interesting. Now we are thankful that people are offering their help, especially Ms Aiai. We just asked for help and everything fell into place. It was nothing about money for her, we wanted to stay independently produced. But she did it out of her heart to help us and we just felt she was the right fit to be our manager. We think we will prioritize digital first.”

Stay tuned with what they will be doing in the next few months as Ms Aiai Delas Alas and RRJ has a lot in store for them. They will be very visible in shows, locally and internationally.

You can really dream no?

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TOFARM Announces Festival Director, New Category

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TOFARM Film Festival 2018 has just announced their new festival director that will not replace former Maryo J Delos Reyes but rather continue his legacy in this one of a kind film festival that aims to uplift the plight of farmers. They have already proven the caliber of their work as it has won festivals left and right, both local and international just this past year. They have harvested a lot as TOFARM and people behind their films create Filipino film masterpieces and showcase these to stakeholders, everyone who would take interest in their plight and how they would tell the stories in these medium. Their theme this year is Tribute to Life: Parating Na which connotes a better life and expecting a great return for the hardships they’ve been through specifically for the agriculture and farming industry. They will also introduce a new category for short films so they can get up and coming, non professional film makers to take up the challenge and create stories with the theme “Slice of Life”.

Philanthropist and EVP of Universal Harvester Inc. Dr. Milagros How says “It’s so nice to see you and share with you what TOFARM Film Festival has this 2018. In the untimely passing of Maryo J, many of you were asking what would happen to this festival, well we will continue with our new advisers and consultants. We have Bibeth Orteza, our consultant Laurice Guillen who unfortunately couldn’t be here right now and Direk Joey Romero, so TOFARM is definitely alive. We can only expect the best. The TOFARM Film Festival Director, Direk Bibeth Orteza, our Managing Director Joey Romero. Cheers to farmers all over the Philippines and cheers to the Filipino Film industry!”

Bibeth says “I am here because I am a grand daughter of a farmer, the films of my childhood, titles that have been familiar for me. I saw Direk Maryo last Christmas and he told me I should be here. This opportunity and privilege to serve the farmers is just a good thing. The roi will be 50/50 between TOFARM and the filmmaker. The shortfilm competition will be for entries 1-10minutes long.”
Sir Joey Romero says “Our achievement dinner was a few weeks before Maryo J passed away. We talked about how Ms How was so passionate about this film festival - and now I am part of it.”

Ms Bibeth also adds “The deadline will be April 20, 2018 and will be sent to the TOFARM Secretariat. 7 finalists will be announced on May 23, 2018. Each will be given Php 1,500,000 which will be given in three tranches (Php 500,000) then the director can solicit funds to augment costs for the film. It must be about a Farmer, livestock raiser, fisher folk, or anything related to agriculture. We are also going to have a TOFARM Short Film Competition.”

Joey Romero also explained the short film category and says “The short film competition, will have 7 finalists. It will be shot entirely on a cellphone, the period of submission will be the same, professionals cannot join. It will be announced on September 12-18. They can have a maximum of 2 entries but only one will be a finalist. You can win Php 50,000 and a high end mobile phone as grant if you get chosen.”

For all interested parties, please visit their website and download the competition forms, fill it up and follow the instructions. My friends and I are going to try our luck in the short film category, because WHY NOT? We could get the chance to win too. They also plan to distribute and showcase their films to schools and special screenings nationwide, so stay tuned!

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Glaiza De Castro Topbills New GMA Afternoon Show CONTESSA

Friday, March 09, 2018

Had the privilege to watch the new show Contessa, GMA Entertainment Content Group’s offering for the afternoon time slot of the Kapuso network. This is about how a woman wanted to fight, wanted to be free, who wanted to love and just live.

Glaiza De Castro who takes the lead role says “I feel people will be surprised about how I would be beaten up, slapped, thrown out and abused by people, not the feisty one from Encantadya. It’s old school but hopefully you’ll feel hope for her no matter how hard her problems would be. That in a way will have someone to take care of you no matter how hard life is.”

“It’s as stressful as the traffic in Manila, to be trusted with a good material, we just wanted to give thanks to the people behind this. Of course there is pressure, like I said I just want to make this realistic, focus my energy on what needs to be done rather than just ratings. I don’t think you won’t be rewarded if you do your best. The change of character is very drastic, I need to have someone guard me and my face because I didn’t want it to be too strong like Pirena. I connect with my co stars here. Revenge plots are deep in culture so that mentality is not really gone. In our soaps, you can compare it ti history, people look for hope in times like these and see if the decisions they make are right or wrong. When I read scripts I really enjoy how they are like heroes/heroines, like how it’s out of this world and fascinating like my fantasy shows. Yes Bea will be weak, she also will suffer even after her husband dies, be at fault and go to jail, but that’s where she will meet a whole lot of people with really make her think about the tough choices she had to do later on, it’ll be a little like Orange is the new Black but different delivery of course. Contessa later on will learn her lesson from these ladies that she’ll meet in prison, which will make her plot her revenge.”

Gabbi Eigenmann says “Yes I know it’s so nice to reminisce how Glaiza and I came from Dading and that’s where we actually got so close, so was really looking forward to work with her on any capacity. My character is going to be mean with Bea in this series but as long as I get to work with her I’m good. Dading was raw, it ended nice because we showed real feelings to end the show, this I hope would be the same.”
Phytos Ramirez adds “I am going to be evil but mostly because I’m only following orders, I would do everything for money and that’s what I’ll do all the time. I will be instrumental in my boss’ fall later on but not in the near future, it will be a difficult life for Bea first.”
Lauren Young says “I’m not entirely evil, perhaps a percentage of me will only be in that situation because she’ll be a boss one day then very childish and no backbone the next. The family ties will also hasten her to be part of what they are doing, and the thought of fighting over a man, with Marco, and the situation will get worse because of that even if he dies. That’s where her angst came from. I’ll also be one of the reasons why Bea’s life is going to be difficult. She’s a business woman, a very good one. But what Daniela wants, Daniela gets.”
Denise Barbacena says “I won’t be 100 percent evil, more like the Phytos lady version because I work for Lauren’s character. She’s my boss but I will be comic relief as all of them are already very serious.”

The revenge plot is just the tip of the iceberg and judging from the first episode we watched this evening, you may have to watch and start it from Episode 1 so you understand where the characters are coming from.

You’ll hate the evil ones, but you’ll love their redeeming factors and how their revenge takes play. This will be shown on GMA’s afternoon prime Mondays through Fridays. Visit or GMADrama on social media because they’ve got hints about the characters there.
It starts airing March 19, 2018.

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