Digestive Discomfort?

Friday, November 16, 2018

Do you struggle doing business in the John everyday? Is it your diet? Your capability to digest? Or maybe something wrong with yourself? Have you asked a doctor about it? You should by all means because chances are, you probably have constipation and the discomfort would haunt you the whole day while you go about having a fun time at work, with your friends or family. Maybe it’s time you try a laxative?

If you feel gassy and your thing looks weird, it’s a tell tale sign of a health problem. How come there are people who do it like clockwork and you don’t? Have you even wondered why? If you have been drinking water regularly, eat lots of food with fiber on it, do regular exercise, drink coffee and probiotic induced drinks, then you should he normal. If all else fails, try over the counter remedies like Bisacodyl Dulcolax!

This will help you make the job less painful, make your life normal with heavenly relief everyday just like everybody else. Check out dulcolax.com.ph for more information about it. Don’t be too weird!

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Alcatel Returns - Now Gets More Affordable

With a multitude of devices being launched in the country, Alcatel has surely been missed, but they are now ready for a comeback - still provide some really good and feature rich phones in the market.

As Rudolph Santos the Alcatel Philippines Country Head says “These new breed of Alcatel smartphones are created to be part of our vision in making awesome mobile technology accessible and affordable for everyone. We want to make you smile. So bringing in these new line of phones to Philippine shores is just the start. We’ll have something for everybody, if you’re a pro, novice, gamer, content creator, a traveler, one of these 6 new phones we’re bringing in will fit you. We want you to experience your personal joy!

For those who would want a glimpse of the new Alcatel smartphones, you can catch the unveiling on November 28 3pm via the official Alcatel and MemoXpress page Facebook.com/AlcatelMobilePhilippines and Facebook.com/memoxpress98. You may purchase these handsets soon at Techbox, Vertext, Wow, Expression Mobile, RC Goldline, Cybertab and AccessOne.

Go ahead and experience it NOW!

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Fly Now with the AirAsia Credit Card

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

We are at the AIRASIA Credit Card launch this afternoon. This is in partnership with Air Asia, RCBC Bankard and VISA.

It’s time to fly now with Air Asia because this is the time to earn BIG POINTS so you can travel to any Air Asia destination for FREE! How you say? Simply put, you have to get the new AirAsia Credit Card powered by RCBC.

AirAsia Philippines Director for Flight Operations Captain Gomer Monreal says “The only time we could travel before was when our parents paid for it, now the millennials will have something to look forward to, the convenience to travel with a new partner. The AirAsia Credit Card!”

Simon Calasanz of RCBC Bankard says “We invest in this relentless trait of the Filipino. To explore and create new experiences, we create this new card the AirAsia Credit Card. This is for their wanderlust, to get access to any financial services around the world so they can have control over their spending. They can also have access to cash, this is an ideal travel companion. I am proud to say to have a partner with the same commitment to our customers, to our new partner, we believe in you. We believe in them and we are ready to take off!”

Go and apply for the new AirAsia Credit Card by going to RCBCBankard.com/airasia, airasiacards.com/ph or airasiabig.com/ph/en and complete the requirements there!

Paint the sky red!

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Amaia Steps Novaliches Scenic Views and Amenities

Living in a thriving community should always feel like you are living in a clean, secure and fun environment. That’s what Amaia has been delivering in different parts of the Philippines, but it always has to be more. Amaia Steps Novaliches for example has never shortchanged in preparing their grounds so homeowners would be getting more than what they pay for, because they know it comes your hard work and you want to make sure your family gets the amenities that stand out compared to other communities.

Amaia Steps Novaliches is located at Susano Road Brgy. 170 and Brgy. San Agustin in Quezon City. Condo dwelling has never felt better as they’ve planned well the structures, walkways, patios, linear parks, the atrium, the huge lobby, awesome looking swimming pools, funky outdoor basketball courts and a clubhouse where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

It is also near public transport hubs, schools, churches and even malls so you never run out of things to do. As of now there are only 22 units left in Amaia Steps Novaliches so if you are looking for a place to live or make an investment, you may checkout Amaialand.com or their page Facebook.com/AmaiaLand so you get options how to get one through straight cash, deferred payment or bank financing.

Maybe it’s time for you to think about it.

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Through Night and Day

Monday, November 12, 2018

This Alessandra De Rossi and Paulo Contis movie had so much to give. It’s a heartwarming story amidst the cold nights, days which they all shot in Iceland. The couple is cute, best friends when they were kids, neighbors too, sweethearts in highschool, got engaged and went to this absolutely gorgeous place in Europe. 

Here’s a couple of things you could find interesting about this film.

Iceland is majestic - the trees, the flowers, the hills are all dreamy. Going around while bare, rustic and freezing, it didn’t matter as long as they are together. They also have weird weather, but the Aurora Borealis is just the perfect setting for romance. They will show that and a whole lot more unbelievable spots in the country.

Paulo’s timing is legendary. He’s funny, we all know that but his inserts here are reminiscent of the boyfriend girlfriend relationship we all wanted.

Alessandra is annoying, but the kind that is cute and if ever she does ask for something impossible, or bad, but she still gets away with it. 

There will be small fights, the kind that hurts and builds up, when you think that you already know each other but when you rely on each other while traveling, you get to measure how much you are willing to sacrifice with each other. Half of the film is funny and heartwarming. In a way you will get to question that coming to the latter part of the movie.

When you get to see the same face everyday, when you find out all the flaws in relationships and the ways of finding your own happiness, do you give up? Do you lose all patience? How do you love? Where will you find yourself if you were in their shoes?

Go figure out by watching Through Night and Day in theaters starting November 14. This is produced by Viva Films, Octoarts Films and is graded A. Maybe that would convince you to watch this film. Don’t cry though, I have to warn you.

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He Taught Me To Wear Black

Sunday, November 11, 2018

If all else fails, wear black. (Here's to my favorite black shirt!)

The holidays are near and yes - you’ve got to bring out the new clothes, to be preppy, presentable, look good on any angle.

My Dad told me a couple years back that “If other people try to pull you down, if you have detractors - much of who say bad things about you; these same people can’t look down on you when you are dressed better than them - and act like a gentleman. You can also wear black.

He’s got a point and I’ve always had that in the back of my mind whenever I feel the stresses of work - like today.

Black shirt, is fueled by black coffee. If you get stained, no one would even know!

My life revolves around going to events, about 3-4 in a good day, sometimes 9 as of my personal record. Now think about the most comfortable piece of clothing you could wear, think of something basic, something like a BLACK SHIRT.

That’s something that I always wear. I consider this a classic piece. Imagine how you can actually wear it in so many ways- from rugged worn with comfy jeans, to a bit more casual with a light jacket, or to a semi formal occasion with a light coat on top, or go full on suit with a dressed shirt for those classy ones, you can never stay out of style. Plus it is so easy to actually take care of it.

Some little color prints, but still black. :) Even the gorgeous Maymay is in her little black dress (LBD) stunning isn't she?

Quirky color prints, still black.

Black Leather Jacket, Black Sweater, Black Shirt, I shoot celebrities for a profession and I wear black!

Cotton shirts should always be rinsed in lukewarm or cold water so it doesn’t shrink. I made a mistake of doing that in the past and got all my muscle shirts turn into hanging ones, I looked like Winnie the Pooh on steroids. Right after you take them out of the washer and dryer, you should shake them out to form so you get to minimize wrinkling on these shirts. With the fabric softeners these days, sometimes you don’t even have to iron them at all and just wear them after hanging. Though it would always be a smart choice to use a hot iron so you wouldn’t look like a prune when gatherings with friends and family happen, you will get teased that you may be chased by horses (that’s the ironing board which we call a horse in the PH). Make sure also that when you use the drying cycle, it shouldn’t be too hot, make it shrink free!

White insides, BLACK jackets can make you look thinner in person. Even without working out!

Even Professor Snape wears black! Avada Kedavra!

Even here, in my favorite BLACK Batman Shirt, viral sensation Mader Sitang approves I look good in black!

My Dad also taught me to use a Lint Roller because black shirts often get that when washing. You also have to stroke it in one direction so you wouldn’t look like a crossword puzzle or get laughed at. I get frugal sometimes that I use every nook and cranny of the roller before I tear it off and get them all clean. You’ll look like a million dollars with a basic black shirt, carry it that way too. You’ve got to exude expensive to look and feel like it. Trust me, I’ve worn a ton of it that costs a few hundred bucks but even look better than the designer ones, not joking!

I wear a lot of suits, even one available in Wharton that THE Rajo Laurel designed as his line for RTW

Coats for most that are made of wool or partly wool should never be washed in tough settings. Your washing machines should be set to delicate or hand wash cycle so you don’t get your clothes ruined. The water temperature is also important, (so you need a machine that  does the job) don’t simply put it on a dryer, the spin dry would do because if you do it WILL shrink. I thought I grew a size when I did it to my Trench Coat and winter jacket. It felt so close to becoming a black Stay Pufft Marshmallow man.

The classic Black Trench Coat

Black shirt inside a suit, black tie, perfect!

When Jollibee is sad, he hugs the person in a Black Plaid Shirt

As for the formal coats and tuxedos, don’t even attempt to put them in washing machines because the proper care for that is to dry clean it after use. You can do it only for the shirts and other pieces inside (if you’ve got a 3 or 5 piece suit). Never even throw away the suit bag that comes with it when you purchase them. If you accidentally do, you can use an airtight container which you can buy in malls. Use a mothball, then put garlic plus a wooden stick and a hammer because Dracula might get interested. We wouldn’t want that to happen LOL!

I learned it all from my Dad 🐮❤️

Wearing this classic piece of clothing is one of the smartest thing my Dad passed on to me. Although he’s not into it that much lately, it is sound advice. Those stains won’t appear (unless you are the dirty lol), red wine won’t matter (when your romantic dinner turns sweeter), you can confuse people even if you wear it twice (hello jeans!), you don’t have to think about color combinations (you’ll even shock people wearing shades of gray and white), plus it works no matter what color your skin is or what your hair looks like. You will also get lots of comparisons to the richest men in the world like Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. That’s a good thing to be remembered as. Also, get a machine that takes care of fabrics well, not the type that just spins everything in a cycle not distinguishing the rough and delicates. Electrolux always has them, I know.

You may learn more about this and more Amazing Holideals here!  https://www.electrolux.com.ph/laundry/washing-machines/ewf10744/

When my Dad passed last April (don’t get sad for me, I pray), I got advised by my Mom to tone down my colorful ensembles as we were in mourning; but little did she know my Dad taught me A LOT about it a long time ago. He wasn’t a guy who was super over the top stylish, he was an average joe, but I darn learned these things from him. He told me to wear black, wear sunscreen, lay on the bed flat when sleeping (so your wrinkles won’t show), invest in clothes that you can wear in almost any occasion and always be, a gentleman.

Things like these remind me of him, I miss and love my Dad. I miss him everyday.

These traits, aside from the clothes are my TIMELESS STYLE. I learned that from a good man and I will never forget what he did for me (he also did a lot of things for other people). Now tell me, what timeless pieces do you take care of (more than anything else) in your closet?

Now what are you going to wear tomorrow? I have a hunch what color it will be. Let me know! :)

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CeleBright Christmas with Firefly

It’s Christmas and we all know we have to put up our Christmas decorations. Have you thought about how much electricity people use for lights alone? Well we met with Firefly Electric Company executives this afternoon to see how we can save a lot if we get LED’s on our trees and just about any electric socket imaginable in your home. Do you know that even if an LED lightbulb cost 10-15 pesos more than the usual bulb, it actually lasts twice as much or even more? So you definitely get more than what you pay for.

Ms. Amby Molina the Marketing Manager of Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation says “We want to celebrate Christmas happy, peaceful and safe. Our LED Bright Christmas Lights that are safe, affordable and this year so Firefly Electric being in the market for 15 years, our core products would be perfect for your homes. Our LED Christmas lights now have green versions and transparent, and also dynamic lights now. Some customers want some in curtain lights or string lights. Almost all we have are around 4 meters. It is safe and use thick wires, this also does not heat up even if you use 15 connections. We are also certified by the DTI, so government testers go to our factories plus Meralco gave us an Orange tag, as we are the first branded Christmas lights manufacturer in the country. We guide our customers about what our products are, we have longer lines too and this is why Firefly Electric Corporation is the leading brand in the Philippines. We also have outdoor and indoor type, we also have tested it to last 3 years for 6 hour use everyday so this won’t be broken under normal circumstances. We also have a one month warranty. All our products are made with quality but affordable!”

Ms. Alice Mallari the Brand Supervisor adds “Over a decade ago we started these installations including this new 71 ft Christmas Tree. All the 40,000 bulbs and Meteor lights we used here are energy efficient, we also followed the Winter Wonderland theme of SM Mall of Asia. It took us 4 months to design and build it, this will stand on the SM By The Bay until Three Kings celebrations next year. We have all made this with our efforts, from ground up.”

So for your lighting needs, you may purchase Firefly in your leading hardware stores across the country.

You really get what you pay for. In their case, it may be even more!

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HOOQ Gets OTT Rights for Asian Academy Creative Awards

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Do you fear missing out on this particular awards night? Well don’t fret because this will be good news for you. One of the hottest streaming apps in the world apparently got hooqed and got rights to the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards so viewers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand would be able to stream it at their own time on the one and only HOOQ app, now isn’t that good news?

This is only available to subscribers at no extra cost so if you’re already paying for the monthly subscription, you can watch this without the need for tickets right at the comforts of your own home. This event will include the brightest stars and professionals in the industry so if they did good on their craft, they will be one of he 99 lucky awardees in this side of the globe. Mind you this will be the most coveted as the best of the best industry people will gather in Singapore appearing in events like the Singapore Media Festival, the grand dinner, the gala final, plus the red carpet event.

This will happen on December 6-7 so make sure you watch them as they happen plus some backstage access (so you can see your favorites) for those who stream with HOOQ. So go download the HOOQ streaming app on Google Play and the App Store if you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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HOOQ Partners with ABS-CBN Releases Halik, Dolce Amore and More!

I had a huge crush on Yam Concepcion from the first time I saw her in a previous soap also on ABSCBN so everytime I do see her I try to say hi. It isn’t easy yo muster up courage to do that but now I have my Mom to answer to. You know her current show HALIK? She is opposite Jericho Rosales and Sam Milby here, and apparently after her character charmed her way to another relationship while being married to one guy, she became the most hated woman on television today. Although I am missing a few episodes of it because there exists a partnership between ABSCBN and HOOQ. Now all their episodes can be watched at a simple click of a button and subscription on this app.

There are also movie titles availble which are produced from Star Cinema and other productions under the same outfit. You will get to see Vince Kath and James or Dolce Amore which are both hit shows and movies in the past few years. There are tons more so if you finish this, you could always sit tight with your phone or computer and binge watch on your spare time, and take it all in with popcorn on hand and a soda.

For those who haven’t experienced it yet, you can simply download the app today on the Google Play store or the App Store and experience it for a while in Free Trial. You can subscribe later on if you find it fits your lifestyle especially if you are on the go all the time.

It’s cheap rates per month plus huge library of shows should keep you busy.

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Take a Look at Annie Lux

Been a while, but I’m sure you’ve missed Annie Lux. She’s the singer and songwriter from Calgary Canada. Back in 2015, she released her first solo extended play album called “Lux” through Viva Records. In that album, the single “Yesterday” racked 40,000 views and got good comments and reviews depicting that it was like an international artist, check out this video below.

This November, she is releasing another one called “PLAY” which will be available in Spotify, iTunes and digital stores. She also has her other songs available in the platform. Currently she is in Boston to pursue her passion for music. She’s planning to graduate from Berklee School of Music in a couple of years and couldn’t be more excited how she’d turn out after that.

Annie also gets invited to Filipino community events one of which is the Fiesta Filipino Festival in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. She performed here together with artists Bela Padilla, Yassi Presman and Xian Lim. They also had comedian Chad Kinis in the event which brought them all laughing out loud.

Annie also did the Radio Disney Berklee edition at the Berklee Performance Center. Here she also performer and became one of the seven producers in the show. On October 29th, she had her first solo concert called “Bañaga” at the fabulous Berklee Dining Hall where she performed some covers and her recent original songs, some of which are also part of her new EP album. If you wanna know more, you can follow her @AnnieLuxMusic on IG, Facebook and Twitter too. When she finishes school in May, she plans to pursue doing her own brand of music in the Philippines and the global stage. She’s very talented and worthy, she’s taking her time, and I hope she does the country proud when she gets back from the uni.

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