CIGNAL Presents “Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WIFI”

Sunday, July 22, 2018

In this day and age, the internet is a necessity. I get panic and manic depressed whenever I’m not connected so I’m very thankful to Smart for always getting me there, connected with friends, family and loved ones. This particular thing though has it’s drawbacks.

This is where this movie starts off, in a remote island where you totally get disconnected from the comforts of communication, of technology and just about everything that has got to be connected with it. I’ve seen milennials go ballistic at the mere thought of that, no sms, no Twitter, no Messenger, no Facebook, no Youtube, just life, would you survive and do romance without it all? This is what Sue Ramirez, Markus Peterson, Jameson Blake intends to tell you a story of in “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WIFI”. This is directed by Jun Lana, who as of recent has gotten their first trailer to get 1 Million views, trend number 1 with the second trailer on Twitter, a feat that they’d be so happy about converting to movie tickets one that the Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 commences on August, eagerly waited by fans and netizens alike.

This is in partnership with CIGNAL Entertainment, The Ideafirst Company and Octobertrain Films. Would she be able to last long in this predicament? Would you do the same when it would cost you the man of your dreams? Or would it be horror for you to disconnect from all the norms now?

Make sure to watch “Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi” and get more information about it via Cignal Entertainment’s Facebook Page  and the “Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi’s” Facebook Page

It’s all there!

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Bova is Back on GMA

He’s Anthony Bova, acting guru to some of the best Hollywood stars, theater actors, coach to the world’s best corporate executives and GMA’s brightest stars. He’s back in Manila to work on GMA’s home grown talents, their curriculum and even those who are behind the camera. The noted expert from the US is planting seeds once again - to level up what he’s been doing in the past few years, and celebrities welcomed this with open arms, hearts and minds which is needed for his course.

Anthony Bova says “Before we start, I am a friend of Direk Maryo Delos Reyes. As we go forward in this training, the beautiful actors, this is a continuation of that spirit. This empowerment thing was a part of that talk with him and hopefully he is with us and continually be with us, this is for the love of that man.”

In GMA, I did a lot of listening and tried to see where the actors are in their craft and their career. I hear what they need in their programs, I create a curriculum that fills a couple of holes. We show what we learn, not to do scenes, no plays, something different that they do what is demanded of them, to turn it on and off into their character which happens to a lot of actors without a lot of time.

We train them to have access to their parts that can be used as tools and do it very quickly. They need a strong foundation, then use the tools to deliver. In January, they need to do it twice in different executions, into different scenes. Completely different performance in the same scene, that’s an example. Actors here are very earthy, very connected emotionally, no ego like some hollywood actors I’ve had to work with so out job is easier. We don’t have to spend energy to get to their bodies.

Their weakness is being so humble, it makes them small, a very delicate line, but no, they have to get their space. That subtlety takes away from the actors part. One is to make them have awareness, it shouldn’t be subservient. In roleplay they need to know how they feel when they act, they learn how they feel and empower them to contradict that even if they feel the opposite. They don’t have to overact, they have to honor it and be grateful by educating them through that science. When we worked out my curriculum with GMA, there were a lot we had to put there with Ana Feleo filling in when I’m not here. I gotta go to work to know we make decisions that is systemized from a place without any deficit.

They must know it’s not an actor thing, the x factor of the human being. There is nothing better than the colors and layers in this room, to cultivate that talent, much more than an IT factor. It has to have bravery and discipline, I normally hate questions but these are great!”

He adds “I am not just learning from you, but learning from the talents of GMA because they have been so passionate they have been easy to work with. They come to class so awake, hungry to do their homework, and this makes our job easy because they don’t have their egos in the way.

Mikoy says “I find workshops therapeutic, when he came in, he taught us a different attitude, you become empowered when you are on set, not just the attitude at work but life. You have you, you’re a giant, it changed how I see life. It’s really helpful but the homeworks are crazy, but if you do it, you see the effect at home, you see how you become a better person overall. You doubt yourself less.
We asked him about his recent tweets too that had me worried a bit, he answered quite nice.

Andrea says “His homework includes reading, answering a set of questions like your goals, how to achieve that and see your blessings unfold. You want to explain yourself, on how you feel.

Chynna says “I really took it on 100% and I was scared to show who I really was, I double guess myself but because of this and two years we’re doing this, it made me take on decisions that I jumped into, opportunities and roles that made me feel self psych talking to myself, now I have a family, a daughter, creative writing, even if I feel I don’t have time, we just be.

Ben Alvez adds “He sees us as humans first and not just teach us how to be actors. We do 30-40 scenes a day, that’s a short time, but being more attuned with myself, he has brought that out. We can work from there. You are constantly discovering yourself in layers, you surprise yourself.

Anthony also is known for furnishing some weird homeworks for the actors. Thea Tolentino says “I didn’t know how I improved as you continue to do the homework. You go up and down, you don’t know why but you observe where you are. It’s difficult to answer too because it’s all in English (she jokes). But now I can do my contrabida roles effectively, in different ways which I have learned in the past year, hopefully this year too.

I also asked her about recent Twitter trolls that attacked her, she still was so nice and adamant about dealing with them. That takes class!

GMA Executive Ms. Gigi Santiago says “Anthony Vincent Bova is back in the Philippines and we love to have a caliber of people like him and Ana Feleo, training all our artists. We welcome you back to the Philippines. These guys are very into it, they know we have a special thing going on. We are planning to include production people, even our boss is going to be included, she’s asked us who will be there so she too can prepare, I couldn’t even believe that. We are slowly doing it and we have seen it bear fruit.

It’s one of the reasons why the network is now saving money, time and effort on their actors. They have changed culture, it takes a lot to do that. It’s also the reason why you see huge improvements in the shows they are doing - and for the years to come. It currently is only available with GMA’s talent pool, they’re very lucky.

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G-SHOCK Releases #PambansangGSHOCK Watch

Friday, July 20, 2018

G-SHOCK has always been in my wrist since their resonance early 2000s. I was so honored to have met the man who started it all in 2014 when he personally went here for the G-SHOCK World Tour, I'm talking about Kikuo Ibe. The man talked about how he started conceptualizing a timepiece that could weather the elements, survive a drop from 4 floors, then wow the whole world with it. 

They've done exactly that.

Then there were more.


Solar and Carbon

More Chronographs

Big G-SHOCK for men.

Now that they're here in the Philippines, they've not only made their presence felt - but sold quite a lot of these timepieces which we've all grown to love. At that time they even made a limited edition GSHOCK watch for the Philippines, which I've been using since then (Yes I am still using it til now!), worn out but totally still fine from all angles. It's one of the reasons why I always have a GSHOCK because it literally lasts years, very practical and superbly designed.

This year, they've announced the G-SHOCK "Design The National G-Shock Competition" and a LOT of people joined in (about 1,200 individuals) who had background in art direction, product design, graphic design and just about every regular joe who could whip up the best looking GSHOCK that would best represent the Philippines. 

CASIO Japan Executive Masaki Obu announcing the winning design.

Finalists include Aaron Cedric Manaloto, Adrian Delmo, Austeen Manalang, Carlo San Jose, Dennis Inosanto, Jerome Banal and Joshua Panaligan. They were flanked by Mr. Masaki Obu during the event.

Dylan Dylanco shows her winning piece, it's called HABI and now dubbed the #PambansangGShock

The winner is Dylan Dylanco. She is self taught, but is an experienced illustrator who's expertise include branding and graphic design. She has already done a lot of things including other lifestyle brands and sports gears, no wonder she's done quite well no?

Her inspiration for this design is the Filipino's undying spirit, the Filipino tribes from up north to the ones in the south and how we've done fabric weaving through the centuries. If you're a Filipino, you would be a little familiar with the patterns, which in turn would also remind you of indigenous tribal warriors in the country. Their grit, toughness, same spirit that runs through the veins of our country's heroes, comparable to the tough G-Shock watches we wear today.

The HABI on my wrist.

The warrior colors are just magnificent! Plus, it's built to last!

This is officially the first G-SHOCK made for and designed by a Filipino. Wear them proud as these guys are limited edition. There are only 200 pieces of these out there, count out the number of celebrities who were there that afternoon so that's even a smaller batch. 

You won't get these anywhere but only the G-SHOCK stores like G-SHOCK Ayala Vertis North (where we were!),G-SHOCK SM City North Edsa in QC, G-SHOCK Glorietta 4 in Makati, G-SHOCK Greenbelt 5, G-SHOCK SM City Clark in Pampanga, G-SHOCK SM City Santa Rosa in Laguna, G-SHOCK SM Lanang Premier in Davao and G-SHOCK SM CDO Downtown Premier branch down south.. It retails for Php 9,999, stocks surely will run out fast!

Hurry! I'm not even joking!

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FQ The Nth Intelligence by Rose Fres Fausto

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Filled to the brim with banking and finance people (most of which are Atenistas I could tell), we got to witness the launch of Rose Fres Fausto’s newest book called Arm Yourself With 21st Century Skill - FQ, - The nth intelligence or what they call Financial Intelligence Quotient.

Albeit being an important of daily living, people tend to brush this off because of its complexity, but it is essential and an integral part of business and daily decisions. This book will exactly help in that. She says “I dream to actually have a book that would be able to create a healthy money mindset for everyone, one that would reboot one’s relationship with money and the basics of handling it. I also want to stress what the purpose of money is in our life, it’s to fulfill our core values. We also want to make FQ an important part of raising our children so their financial affairs won’t be a mess, no matter how successful they are in any field, so they can be stress free and truly happy. You must know how to Pay Yourself, Get Into Business where You Can Seek Advise From Competent People, Make Your Gold Work For You, all of which will be explained in the book.”

She adds “I am Ilocana, thrifty ones, raised frugal but happy and confident. I was dressed with colorful pieces off of excess textile from my sisters outfits. Now we watch our expenses like a hawk, our financial statements were enforced. This started my FQ experience, my kids now save and prepare for their future and taught them, exposed them on how money really works. Now they ask about how some people not prepare for their retirement, you on the other hand will dispell myths, talk about it while you are still young because money needs time to grow. It is a call for everyone to mind our FQ.”

The FQ: Nth Intelligence book is now available in leading bookstores for only Php 385. You may follow her channels FB and YT @FQMom, and IG and Twitter @theFQMom. You may also access the online FQ Test via

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Jamba Juice Holds Whirl’d Cup

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I held my own frisbee when I was about 6 years old. I got so excited and giddy because the thing I wanted the most on photos was in my hand and I could finally play with it. I took it out on the streets and asked a few people but later got frustrated because none of my playmates knew how to do fun with it, just thrown them around and catch, that was about it.

These days I’m so glad to have seen it be taken and played seriously by celebrities, even athletes from different sports doing headway with tournaments, huge events, spinning, blending in different colors, much of what Jamba Juice is doing these past few years. They got their hand on Ultimate Frisbee in the Philippines. Life can be better blended up as Mark De Joya the Brand Development Director says “Having a positive energy and creating unique experiences for our customers had always been what the Jamba Juice brand stands for. We want things that are fun, inclusive and open, it’s why we are taking part in the growth of the Ultimate Frisbee community.”

The Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup 2018 was so much fun, took men, women, kids of all ages - people from different professions into small skirmishes. They didn’t have to be professionals in this sport to join, noobs were welcomed with arms wide open and played under the sun.

Over 500 people participated in the festivities and if that doesn’t spark interest in the non contact sport, it’ll still be an important experience for these individuals who want to drink life up. They were also hydrated well during the two day tourney using healthy concoctions, real fruits, and the company looks forward to see more of these Ultimate activities in the future.
It’s was a blast! You may check out the video here and see the highlights of the event.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Have you head the news? Oh boy!

Yes it is true, because WWE RAW is now back with FOX! What does this mean? You can now watch your favorite WWE matches on the FOX network when it happens on your favorite cable channel. What’s in it you say? Well I don’t want to give you a clothesline, leg drop, body slam or just hit you with a chair in the ring so you better listen, this isn’t for the faint of the heart!

This is larger than life entertainment that only the world wrestling world can give you. From WWE Smackdown Live, WWE Afterburn, WWE Experience and just about any match that happens in the ring, you’ll love it all because that’s exactly what WWE RAW brings.

Amidst the rough crowd a few nights ago, we got treated with booze and games in Makati during the launch. We were also informed that if we ever miss the opportunity to watch it on Fox (we can still do it every Tuesday at 8am in the morning) you can also see it on the FOX+ App 7 days after and watch it in your own convenience. Isn’t that just neat?

The gathering of wrestling geeks abd Fox executives was also witnessed by bold couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero.

Not to be outshined, Eric Tai of Showtime fame also went in the ring and showed his guns, to the delight of Tongan wrestling fans he represents LOL

They went a little crazy as you can see.

Of course how can I not have a selfie with this lovely couple, ahh I was turned to a fan again LOL.

Now you don’t have any reason to miss a match when they’re doing it on WWE RAW. Your favorite female wrestlers, male superstars and John Cena would probably say hi if you remain a good boy.

It is on FOX, remember that!

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Alexander x Marucci

Monday, July 16, 2018

Marucci and Alexander Lee for AxM

My Korean Jagiya star Alexander Lee is making his presence felt with South Korean artist Marucci. This means you have two oppas in the Philippines to promote their music. This is their collaboration and will fall under AXM (Alexander x Marucci) and he is now back in Philippines releasing

Alexander Lee

Alexander says “This is the second one we want to release but this got first play, Keep Ya Head up is inspiring, deep, my past when I was doing show business. Life was hard, I struggled and I hope people remember No Failure is too Big for you to Handle. This will cheer you up!”

Marucci adds “I started my music career being inspired by 2pac, I wrote this song with people in mind, to lift them up, to remind them you did your best in your life.”

Alex and Marucci during the Philippine Independence day celebrations in Korea

You can now download the song via Melon, iTunes, Spotify, Mnet and other streaming services worldwide!

Rita Daniela also was there to support Alexander and AxM

It’s nice and a bit dramatic, refreshing actually.

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Meet Vlogger Pancake Hong

Friday, July 13, 2018

Had so much fun asking questions last weekend with new Vlogger Pancake Hong. She's a South Korean native who also appeared in hit GMA Korean show My Korean Jagiya which ended a couple months back. Honestly I didn't know her prior to this so in a way I'm only getting to know her now just like you.

After working hard in a Korean Entertainment industry for a couple of years, she had this urge of finding her path and have always wanted to go back to the Philippines because she can talk in Filipino afterall. This skill wasn't put to good use while she did reporting in her own country and she felt it would be a waste not to use the Filipino language in Korea. She studied here for a few years and have remained in contact with friends, and I admire what she plans to do with her new YouTube channel.

Here’s our interview with the bubbly lady during her blog conference:

Pancake adds “Right now I will try my best to be a bridge between Filipinos and Koreans because I want to accomplish this in my Youtube channel. For sure a lot of pinoys have KPOP knowledge but I’m sorry to say Koreans know nothing much about the Philippines. I also talk in Korean so they can get to understand what my interviewees are saying, I am just starting so with this but it’s a nice way of doing that. I just finished uploading my time with EX BATTALION and they didn’t make me nervous, I must say they were all so kulit during that video shoot.”

With a positive attitude and urge to make a connection between South Korea an the Philippines, she’ll definitely go places. Please make sure you subscribe to her channel ( here ) and find a fun way to do interviews with the Philippines brightest celebrities because Pancake Hong is here!

She’s staying!

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Viva Films Outs Jacqueline Comes Home

A usual Filipino family who hailed from Cebu, living a normal life - and suffers a shocking crime, one that would cause loss of lives. This is the Chiong Family story, based on real life events that happened in 1997, who's daughters got murdered as told by the victim's mother, Madame Thelma Chiong. This movie is called Jacqueline Comes Home.

Donnalyn says "This has been made with the storyline of the interview with the victims mother so you are going to see and hear the Mother's side of the story. I  am not going to be showing skin, because these are normal teens we are talking about. They are also born of very conservative families. Happy to note there are no accidents, even if I didn't want any limitations as long as it's shown nicely on screen. Ryan Eigenmann was also very careful because it's my first time, re enacting it was so traumatic so imagine what it would have been for the real victim. People really have to be careful and have chaperone all the time. Your parents should still know where you are going, tell them our whereabouts so they don't have to worry. This film should have been shown later this year, but I didn't know they would show it the same month as my other film with Ella Cruz. I am glad I got to work with Meg, she's a very nice person. If this would happen now, I wouldn't want death for them, perhaps just suffer years in prison as they need to also be liable for their actions."

Meg adds "I am a little cultured in rape scenes so it was quite easy for me, the only difference perhaps is making it still viewable by an R-13 audience. Direk made sure to take care of the scenes. I even ask them to make it more intense so I could also feel the pain, I said that a few times to the rapists because they were very careful with us. This is a nice thing for teens to watch so they would be careful about meeting people in social media. If this happens now, I would love to see this be on trial, in a fair setting, a good justice system."

Jacqueline will be portrayed by Meg Imperial and Donnalyn Bartolome will play Marijoy, whilst Joel Torre (Dionisio) and Alma Moreno (Thelma) will be their parents in this film directed by Ysabelle Peach Caparas, daughter of famed director Carlo J. Caparas who also assisted her in this film. According to the mother, these teens have been abducted, tortured, raped and killed. They will also show how they strived for justice all these years, in the hopes of finding the culprit, the murderers of daughters.

This movie will be seen on July 18, 2018 in cinemas nationwide. This is produced by Viva Films. 

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Sindikato Management Starts Breaking Barriers

Seen most of them, heard them on the radio, but it was awesome to spend my evening with great artists and musicians at 12 Monkeys in El Pueblo Ortigas district. I guess this news is big, especially for those who are already familiar with their names, the individual artists and their music. One thing binds them all, they're called SINDIKATO and I wouldn't be surprised if people would be afraid with the mere mention of that. We're not talking about mafia here, but a company that does video production, short films, online content for music and ad projects, but now Artist Management. 

With the aim of managing the careers of some of the best bands and artists in the country - and making them a byword in an international stage, this crew just had the right amount of passion, gusto and drive to help them grow their craft. They promise to do bigger things now that they're under their wings - rather than just being a production house, they've already started to become movers and shakers in the industry.

Enzo Valdez of Sindikato says "I dreamed to be a director, an artist, and I shared this dream with him. With our team, we shared it too. We became friends with the musicians we worked with, we realized we missed collaborating with fellow artists. When we started someone investes on us, now we are a hub of artists and have that community to help you. We hope you have a lot of fun with the Sindikato artists."

In the short period of time we had in the press conference, I tried to see how these guys and gals differ. Artist FERN does electronic pop targeted to milennials, Unit 406 does opm cover songs, epic tunes and ballads (they did the track for Bagani, a top rating show in ABSCBN), Finding River Blindness delves on mellow melodic tunes, SUD does chill heartfelt opm, Hulyo sings heartbreaking ones, Ben&Ben does really great movie soundtracks and ride worthy music - and Callalily is Callalily (but with fresh tunes to boot with their new, fresh and young guitarist which kean says he helps them make the music youthful!). 

Talent management, bookings will now be handled exclusively with Sindikato and they will be helping with the marketing, financial aspects of their career. It's what they have been planning for, and in the coming months they hope to get international attention with their efforts, it's all they ask and expect from the stellar bands and individuals that they have in their roster. 

Big dreams, belief in their artists, will make them all become regulars in the world stage. 

If not today, it's going to be very very soon.

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