My 2nd Photoshoot: DPP Digital Katipuneros and D60'rs

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's been one heck of a week! My new baby named "Trish" (a Nikon D60 DSLR Camera) just arrived and the need to practice pressing 'em clickers and learn photography just sent me into a whirlwind in practically 2 days. I joined well known forums for the hobby and guess what I picked up... "NEW FRIENDS":

Yeap! They were all so nice to teach me a thing or two about photography. I get to interact with people of the same interest... I was happy as a kid!

No, it was not just because I learned a lot in that photo shoot, nor because we had these awesome and beautiful models...

But it was because I had the chance to get to know more people... it was not the normal night out where I usually hang out in Embassy, Warehouse, The Fort or The Manor... but OMGWTFBBQ there is nothing more good than spending a few hours of chit chat with people who love their craft. This frustration of mine which led me to a WHOLE WORLD of possibilities, where I still get nose bleeds every now and then with the technical jargon... I'm so happy... I got to shoot until I wore out my hand and get tired of it... I have never taken so many pictures. in my entire life.. though I plan to beat that... I'm so proud of what I have done in a short while. I'm really looking forward to another week with them. They are all so nice, I could not really thank them enough about everything!

Thank you Digital Katipuneros for the REVOLUTION you have imparted to people like me (noobs).

Thank you Nikon D60'rs for the great morning - till afternoon photo walk... I enjoyed every minute of it! Manila Cathedral and Fort Santiago was awesome and nostalgic!

This experience indeed taught me something and I'm still in the process of learning a lot from them...
Until our next photo shoot! Peace out!


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Andy said...

welcome to the world of photography. i hope you'll be able to join us in our next photo shoots.