Affordable, Porkylicious Chickentastic Food at FLORING'S Fort Bonifacio

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It was a fine quaint afternoon when I decided to go and eat out with some blog friends at Bonifacio Global City. I needed to get my Pork and Chicken fix that weekend so I never hesitated to drop by the newest restaurant in this side of town. It's called FLORING'S and it's in 4th Avenue cor 31st Street. Their best seller is the pork barbecue and I had to have that plus the chicken; I went inside to take a look.

Good thing the line wasn't that long yet because it was a little too early for lunch. The place get's packed at that time so make sure you get there early or maybe a little over 12PM because it'll be easier to order. They have a fast line but you can't discount the fact that people flock here because two things: 1 is price points and 2 the gorgeous food they had to offer!

Yes, you are seeing it right. The price point is unbelievably low! In a place like Fort Bonifacio it's literally impossible to see a restaurant serve at these rates. Then we had barbecue and chicken for lunch.

For 99 pesos I got these two sticks of barbecue and its packed quite nicely. The servings are generous and what's more jaw dropping is that they even serve UNLIMITED RICE! O_O! If you are in the mood to eat and get the best value for money food in this side of the world, make sure you drop by this establishment when you are in the area. I had 4 cups of rice so just imagine how hungry I was for this! You can also opt for the JAVA rice for 120 and get unlimited too!

Don't forget to try out their Pork Sisig! It's the best thing with hot white rice. I love how they have available condiments like Vinegar, Soy Sauce and Hot Sauce nearby for those who love it spicy. Loved the crunch on those bits of pork too.

You can cut the pork flavor with the salty - fresh tasting Ensaladang Talong that's sooo good with the shrimp paste aka BAGOONG. Isn't the picture enticing? You'll have the same experience and more if you visit them now.

Lechon Manok never tasted so good. Imagine these huge servings which you can get whole (299) or half (165). Or take a bit of it for 99 pesos. Choose from Regular or Diablo version and you'll never regret the experience. It's that good!

If you don't want it roasted you can ask for this Crispy Chicken Tastic viand with gravy. Ooh it made my mouth water just thinking about the gravy pairing. Don't you just love how they make everything easy for us?! Crispy, juicy and right on the budget.

Make sure you don't miss the Halo Halo. It's the perfect way to end the meal. It's the perfect thing to have this summer... you need to get cold ye know! =)

Congratulations to the proud owners of this project; Restaurateur Ricky Laudico and Chef Florabel Co-Yatco. You are now venturing something big in the Filipino mainstream food business; you really can't deny this is a successful venture. Just look at the line when the clock struck 12. Yes, they are not even surprised that the line grew to somewhere outside the restaurant!

The Ambiance:

The restaurant boasts of a hole in the wall vibe. The walls though are adorned with graphics and interiors signifying the roasted content that they have on the menu. If you opt to have a more private space, check out the second floor as the place really gets so packed in the afternoon. I love the lighting fixtures, I love the graphic boards that are suspended in the ceiling. The place is pretty much well thought out. So please, do yourself a favor and check out FLORING'S. It's at the corner of 4th Avenue and 31st in Fort Bonifacio.

Don't take my word for it, make sure you get your money's worth and try out the special things that FLORING'S has to offer. You won't regret it!


Call 02-9666873 for more information. They are open from 10AM -11PM everyday. =)



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