SOLO Summer 2012 Collection!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's been a while since we've talked Fashion on my site (probably 2 days hehe). So it's high time we do that again but this time we're gonna go back to SOLO that just released shots of their Summer 2012 collection. Are you ready for this?!

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 10

This time they are gearing out to the Military inspired tops and bottoms and they are executing them quite well. I have been impressed with their designs but unfortunately I had problems suiting up in my size (yes admittedly I'm that big haha) but the whole spread appeals to me. The jacket in this bit looks more of an aviator reminiscent of those top gun movies we used to watch with Tom Cruise, who in the right mind wouldn't want to look like him?! =) The tops for the women also bares quite light material which will make any summer a tad bit cooler when carried the right way.

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 09

The guy's jeans also stayed away from the normal blue ones, it makes this piece a keeper imho. You can have this used in different shirts or outfits plus the fact that it's easy to wear for a couple of days if you are not much on the rough side.

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 07

They also are sticking to Earth tones which also would be great as choices become slim these days because other labels are probably venturing into brighter colors. I love the faux leather jacket and the plaid print in its reverse side.

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 08

Ladies, looks like you have choices. Animal prints and tops that are quite close to "banana republic" seen above are also available this summer. Pretty descent things you can choose to dress for a semi formal occasion.

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 05

You can mix and match using those same animal prints and use a different jacket. It's a definite steal to have this on your wardrobe so you can use it for office or maybe going out after that.

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 06

The army inspiration continues with fatigue like fabrics used in this bit. More on the green faded side or quasi fatigue if there's a term for it. Match with a different set of shoes and you can use these for casual wear. You can totally ignore the heat and still dress up for summer, its not an excuse soldier!

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 04

Throw in a coat and it would be the perfect outfit to go out on a date in the evening or maybe use it to attend some semi formal events. I'm getting one of those coats and use a crisp white shirt too... isn't that a staple for every guy these days?! The ladies can probably also get those white ensembles and use it with shorts or maybe a couple of pants. It's a free country and its okay to play with it.

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 03

Solo Summer2012 Military Inspired - 02

Don't you just love the army prints in front of the shirts? Getting that plus a hat and it's a perfect outfit for a fashion forward occasion. I love how they steadfastly went through making this inspiration into something that both men and women can wear. I would really love to wear some of their pieces... I'd impress people with the things they have for the guys. I also thing my lady would be great wearing these pieces they released for summer!

SOLO has definitely made a mark to take a different path this season. You should get this if you want to shy away from too much color. The interpretations are spot on and quite remarkable. Congratulations also to the winners of the Solo Online Model Search Year 3, you look good! Just like the brand you represent! =)

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ZaiZai said...

kala ko nung una, parang igloo ang background, tapos summer collection. bulag lang. nice clothes! :)

John Bueno said...

Actually Zai you have a point... hehe medyo maputi to be mistaken as Sand yung backdraft LOL

el toro bumingo said...

Ang gwapo at ang lakas naman ng dating nung guy. Sino s'ya? :)