Project Ruway Philippines Season 3 Premiers March 25, 8PM on ETC!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Fashion lovers and enthusiasts will have a grand time watching Project Ruway Philippines Season 3 come this Sunday March 25 on ETC. Yes you heard that right, it's the famed couture show that has engulfed the Philippine fashion industry by storm. Who wouldn't want to see this anyway? Hosts/judges Ms. Tweetie De Leon, Rajo Laurel and Apples Aberin share their expertise on this competition as each of the 15 contestants vie for that elusive title as the next great fashion designer! Mentor/Tormentor Jojie Lloren won't be too easy on these guys either! Ooh I can't wait to see them now!

ETC gave us a glimpse of what to see in the first season and I must say THIS IS THE BEST SEASON EVER! The personalities were awesome, you kinda laugh and cry in between. It was nice to see these people show their true colors as pressure, drama and that whole brouhaha of making a fashion statement becomes a tad greater in reality TV!

The designers on this season had the chance to show their creations last weekend and boy was I in the mood to shoot! I hope we won't have a hard time choosing between our bets!

Who will win this season? You have to option to choose between Ionica Abraham of Manila; Almor Albano from Laoag City; MJ Alminanza from Zambales; Yves Camingue from Cebu City; Nel Claveria, Jr. from Camarines Sur; Karla Galang from Quezon City; Jenno Gacasan from Cebu City; Glenn Gonzales from Pangasinan; Fatima Guerrero from Nueva Ecija; Enzo Libo-on from Bacolod; Joseph Montelibano from Iloilo; Lhenvil Paneda from La Union; Milka Redoble from Pasig; Cheetah Rivera from Manila; and Normannie Santos from Bulacan! Different personalities, different styles, different tastes. Who will pass the judges discriminating taste?

Imagine working with only two colors of fabric chosen randomly. Add to that the pressure of time and creativity... this is the first challenge. You are seeing this ahead of the Sunday premier.
Check out the things I got to shoot that evening!

A little busy on the front but quite an amazing job despite the time!

Chic representation of a bumble bee, structured and different patterns. I loved this!

The mid section was unflattering but I give the designer (who had more attitude and sashayed on the runway!) a lot of credit when he had to work with a 41 inch waistline.

Very chich, modern and feminine. But I might have seen this in shop racks somewhere. Maybe the design was too simple I dunno. The designer was beautiful though.

I don't like the top part. The neck feature is disturbing. Maybe if it weren't that busy it would have been better. He had to work with ugly fabric though and I credit him for that.

I loved this one from afar. But seeing the details on the garment was pretty nasty up close. Finishing would have been done better. But this really looked so hard to make.

His creation was nice. I would want to see the tailoring done a tad nicer. I love the hand painted details on it. Maybe if the waist area had more definition then this would be the winner.

This for me was the best done suit that evening. Details and structure was impeccably finished well. I hated the designer on screen though, maybe its just the show. He was nice off cam though LOL.

This was okay. Though I have seen this cut somewhere before. If it was made differently it would have made a difference. The color didn't complement anything. She just got Malas in getting that fabric. But the finishing and sewing is good.

I'd say this comes a close second. Great work on the dress and top. Nice tailoring. The overall thing was not boring. Congratulations on this!

It was too boring for me. It didn't show the designer's work. If this was done differently I'd scrap the whole idea. It's just too safe.

This was the crowd favorite. I like this one too but it might just come third. It was a surprise definitely. A little jerseyish.

This was just okay. It would have been a little more nice and cleaner. Overall its okay. He hated the model though LOL.

I wish the top part was cleaner and not so busy. I can see what he wanted to do but might have just fall short on execution. It's like 75% done I guess.

He's done a remarkable job despite the fabric colors he had to work with. This is a good attempt. Maybe this would place fourth. I like it.

Good job guys we're definitely world class! Congratulations to their French TV Director and staff who definitely has done a great job presenting this season! It was truly exciting! I can't wait to see the rest of the show on Sunday, March 25! Wouldn't you just love that?!

Congratulations on a successful launch! I'm sure this will be a hit to Fashion Photographers like me!

Oh I'm not done yet, I've seen a lot of beautiful people that day!

See? Those are the exact reasons why you should watch it on March 25 8PM on ETC! Congratulations also to Resort's World Manila for hosting the venue! The Genting Club is so posh! Project Runway Philippines is presented by L’Oreal Paris, Pond’s Age Miracle, and in partnership with Mega Magazine and iAcademy. Capisce?

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