Figaro Lovin' This Summer!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Figaro just came out with some of the best things this Summer!

I got first dibs on it too together with some of my peers, but in a nutshell everything was spectacular! I would probably end up having dinner in this establishment a LOT! Shall we begin?

Chicken Barbecue! Yes you heard that right, it's that sweet roasted chicken plus a dollop of gravy and Java rice; plus, it doesn't cost that much at P150.00 and treats you with a free lemonade! It also has side servings of string beans. With or without the gravy it's one of the best things they have on the menu!

I don't really know what struck them to make these gorgeous plates for dinner, but this gorgeous plate with Dory Fillet and Pesto Cream really was my favorite. I adore basil based sauces and this thick one was just homey even if it was amazingly made in Figaro. You win this for only 150.00 pesos also plus a free lemonade as well!

This already went out a couple of weeks ago. Imagine molten fudge over a thick layer of mousse based chocolate icing and moist cake. It costs quite minimal, you should ask for this together with hot coffee which Figaro is known for!

For fish lovers they have these items in Spicy Tuna while the other one is your favorite Asado. Things with Pan De Sal are obviously staple. One Pan de Sal comes with unlimited coffee refill at 99 pesos, whilst it turns so good after 11am because it'll only cost you 45 pesos for this yummy Pan de Sal; it's indeed a steal!

Figaro's lemonade is quite nice. Tastes like the hand squeezed thing you love since you were a kid! This is perfect to cut anything sweet. Quite a tangy number! Affordable too if you get it with your dinner meals come April 11!

They have these new frozen tea items on the menu and its got lots of treats inside of it. Check out the boba balls and small bits of jello!

This isn't Pandan, one taste of it immediately takes you to summer time. This is wintermelon and it only costs 100 Pesos, both of them do. Isn't that just what you want when its hot and humid outside to quench your thirst? Add to that those little sweet BOBA Balls that bursts in your mouth after each bite!

You should definitely watch out for it's launch come April 11, 2012! Life is so good at Figaro!



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el toro bumingo said...

Sarap naman ng mga yan! Un lang, walang malapit na Figaro sa PhilPlans Corporate Center (where I work) :(