BUM Summer Collection : DARE TO EVOLVE!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Let's check out what BUM has in store for their summer collection and see how it will fare with the brands that earlier released their lines. You guys know I loved what they had previously (re: Goth, Cosplay) and to put it in a nutshell it was really EVOLVING. I might have failed to actually catch the photo shoot but I got first dibs on the prints. They obviously love me =) now let's do the next best thing and give you a rundown of Summer collection they aptly call "DARE TO EVOLVE".

Empress Schuck

Empress Schuck has been carrying the brand since time in memorial. In this bit, she carries recognizable style which BUM has been known for which is the consanguinity to the black and white palette. They obviously toned down a bit on the emoness and ventured into a more subtle feminine version of it. It looks fierce yet pretty if you ask me.

Her lifestyle calls for something that her job entails and that would include activities such as dancing, acting and everything else in between. You know how unpredictable it is in showbiz, and if you can't catch up with what you do your wardrobe will surely suffer too. Good thing the material is light and even if you layer them like this it wouldn't hamper you from doing the things you wanna do. Match it with short shorts and it's a POWERFUL number to follow. Plus, the fact that you don't have to stop being FEMININE. See?! =)

Dino Imperial

Good looking (like me LOL), cool, calm, collected and unpredictable... Dino Guevarra exudes confidence like no other. It's no wonder he's getting all the attention he needs when he endorses a product. True enough the sales of the men's line says a lot with this and I'm not surprised. They have been doing so good interpreting the lifestyle BUM wants their patrons to have. The summer line boasts of light easy to wear materials. The major change is the appreciation of color. It looks like we're seeing more things other than black and white. Some shirt prints also have paisley, aztec, animal patterns on them which was not really present in their previous releases. This is a welcome change by any standard... truly BUM is EVOLVING.

This would also mean a huge change in the way BUM enthusiasts look at their wardrobe. The evolution would mark the same attitude and lifestyle that the design wants to happen. It's about time!

Make sure you have those other shirts and pieces to mix and match with these new ones because as far as I know even if its black and white it'll still work. That's probably also one of the goals of this new designs, that it will still work with the existing things people own. I love the turquoise and reds that's happening here. Pretty good to see in a pretty boy eh?! =)

Bea Binene

I got shot in my ear with the throng of fans that screamed when she went out the stage in the last fashion show BUM held at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium and it was all about this girl Bea Binene. I honestly haven't watched any of her shows but it seems that this sweetheart has a lot of promise. BUM sees that and what awesome time to dress up this summer with their Dare to Evolve line.

Just look at those prints at her. Some sort of ethnic - Mexican vibe going on and some on a toned down shirt. Just imagine how you could use these pieces on a night out in town or maybe layered with your favorite dress/top it on great hugging jeans. It's gonna look good in all the right places because things like these are not hard to work with. It flatters women. You should definitely get one of these in your closet.

If you want to have what she's having and get the same mood you wouldn't be disappointed getting BUM this summer. It might have changed quite a mile but if you think about it, they made each of these pieces to complement what you already have. Bea can work it right? It's not impossible so YOU can do it too!


BUM is excited to have one of the greatest TEEN HEARTTHROB signed up on their brand and that is the one and only Daniel Padilla. Son of famed Rommel Padilla and Karla Estrada... Daniel is indeed making waves for himself. I'm not surprised that he got signed up with BUM because of all the right reasons. The brand now has color, vibrant and active. Just like Daniel the line is easy to wear, mix and match... any boy would love to have this in their possession. It has enormous amount of potential like him. When he wears stuff like these a lot of other guys would wear it the same way. I've seen this getup before and if this is what SUMMER will be for BUM it's going to sell. It's pretty awesome!

Like Daniel is with BUM, it looks like a brighter day with this brand. The summer collection definitely embodies the EVOLUTION they have been trying to inculcate in their designs and graphic prints. Now that followers of the brand have CHOICES, change is no longer too far from the horizon. Congratulations on a well executed collection BUM! Welcome also to Daniel Padilla your brands newest endorser!

I'm sure you'll have a heck of a lot of GOOD TIMES with BUM! LOL!


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