I Voted... You Should Too! The BENCH 1M41M Campaign!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What can a single tweet do? What can your statement do in this campaign? In this day and age you probably think it's worthless to just message friends and family. BENCH knows how powerful social media is; and your social network would be the key ingredient to make this particular campaign to work. Simply put it, they are donating through their 1M41M program a million pesos to the charities of these artists. As you know I am campaigning for two people but BENCH has been thinking about the charities and they will give this now 100,000 every time that your favorite tops the votes. Who's faring better?

Here's the latest tally!


Yes it's our beloved Jason Francisco on top and when he keeps this lead he'll surely be getting a 100,000 upto 1 Million Pesos for his charity Mother of Mercy Home for the Elderly. I love his cause and will be campaigning for him of course! I know how the elderly needs all the love they can get. They only have a few years so giving back to people who have spent their lives in the Philippines is just right. MELASON, Pexers, Tropang Jason and other clubs... asahan ko ba ang tulong nyo?! =)

Serious na si Pareng Jason oh! =)

Iboto natin ang may "SWAG" pag Philippine Fashion Week! =) go to http://www.benchtm.com/1m41m/ and vote for him now!

I also have my other bets like Rocco Nacino, he's rooting for the Cancer Warriors Foundation. This guy also has gone leaps and bounds in his career and he sternly believes in helping some of our less fortunate and ailing kababayans. It's really expensive to go to hospitals and have treatment for Cancer, my Grandma died from complications of it and I hope people see they need to help people, isang follow sa twitter lang. That's all they ask for and you would have your idols help their chosen charities. Go to www.benchtm.com/1m41m and get yourself counted! Let's give them all the help they can get!


Now, I won't force you guys to vote for those who I voted for because this is a free country. There are other celebrities in the campaign too so if you want to vote for your favorite celebrities, please do.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, I met Jake Cuenca, the beautiful Janine Gutierrez and the gorgeous, statuesque Isabelle Daza through Bench.

Isabelle Daza would like you to vote for her and the charity she's helping EPHESUS, HOME OF THE ABUSED GIRLS in BULACAN. Teen pregnancy has been very rampant and without family to help or support them, this foundation would do just that. Isn't that reason enough to follow @benchtm and vote for her cause?

Jake Cuenca is rooting for C.R.I.B.S. Foundation (Create Responsive Infants By Sharing). Kids/Babies who have been abandoned, neglected or been born to teen parents who can't raise them are been taken cared of in this agency. Kids do not have the capability to choose their parents and there are less fortunate ones who go through this. The number is quite alarming and this foundation is to help them, would you want to help these kids? Then Jake asks you to vote for him here http://www.benchtm.com/1m41m/.

It was my first time seeing her since Philippine Fashion Week. Although we didn't talk that much she had this very nice aura. She was tall and beautiful. I used to watch Lotlot and Monching's show in Channel 9 (pardon the age) but I didn't think she was going to be this gorgeous. Ganda no? =) She's helping White Cross Childrens Home in San Juan. It's quite close to where I live and I have been there a couple of times. Kids need you and your help, it just takes you a couple of minutes to press buttons and vote for her charity. We should do it and help these celebrities help these charities now!


I don't think I should convince you further, it's your turn to help and I know you are going to do your part in helping your idols. Please follow @benchtm and vote these celebrities and their cause on this website http://www.benchtm.com/1m41m/.


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el toro bumingo said...

Teka, maiboto nga yung crush ko... si Paulo Avelino :)

KUMAGCOW said...

 Ahh hehe you mean this guy here?



Aicelpila said...

Jason Francisco

KUMAGCOW said...

 Punta po tayo sa site and vote for him! :) http://www.benchtm.com/1m41m/

el toro bumingo said...

Wow thanks! Ang gwapo n'ya talaga :)