BUM Releases More for "Dare to Evolve" Summer Collection!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Since a lot of you guys went haywire on the Daniel Padilla et al photos from BUM, I have more of these now since they have released their new collection. Shying a bit from the punk rock line that they had last year, they make this summer release a thing to talk about because they'll play a little classy this time. With the addition of Daniel Padilla as their new endorser, it's perfect for those teens who prefer quite rowdy yet toned down look. They also have colors now which is not what we have seen last season. Are you ready?!


They call this a K-Shirt probably because of the layers they can do with it much like the KPOP scene wardrobe seen in those Korean boybands. Obviously they are not afraid to get these on your favorite shops to make your BUM Equipment a tad colorful. You can mix and match this with the ones you had last year and it'll still look great. BUM thinks about investment clothing for the youth which mostly is their market. It's a smart choice if you get one of these!


Influenced by the tribal minority in Mexico, BUM actually uses the patterns and figures to create a new look and print on their shirts. Wearing one or more of their wares is a lifestyle; and to fully capture that vibe that they want to express in this collection it is tantamount that you understand where the brand wants you to go. It's something a little tribal, playing with the figures of the past and making it part of the wardrobe now. It's a great attempt for a clothing brand.


For girls/women who adore loose fit blouses/shirts then this is the one for you. Funky and colorful, BUM gears toward a different vibe now. They are staying a tad away from plain jane black and white and experiments with colors to the delight of girls who still want to be beautiful yet a tad different.


Just like in the Men's collection BUM makes use of the more feminine symbols to capture the AZTEC vibe in these shirts bared by Bea Binene. Matching what they currently have in their closets plus these colorful tops with exaggerated prints is a must have this summer. You got to have more busy lines in the eyes. Make sure you get attention that you need when you have to just by wearing these shirts and more from BUM!

Oh and I just passed by their stall in SM a few nights ago. They've got these huge tumblers given away to patrons who purchase P 400 worth of their items which will give you one sticker. You need to collect five (5) of these stickers and put it in one (1) card and you can get it for free! This promo started last March 1 and will run until April 30, 2012. Make sure you get these collectibles! I'm sure you'll have a grand time! This is SWAG!

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