Krispy Kreme Opens It's Second Branch in the South!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Krispy Kreme Alabang Town Center! It's near your place? What are you waiting for!

I love Krispy Kreme, who doesn't anyway! Glad to have witnessed the opening of the second branch in the south at the posh Alabang Town Center. This particular branch was different because they had their own "Baked Creations Theater" where the public can freely view how they bake those bread donut goodies that Krispy Kreme is also known for! Those savory - sweet products just replaces any comfort food you can think about.

Here's how the day went when they opened their doors in Alabang Town Center! YES it's their second store in the South!

I saw these containers from a distance; and of course being the filling lover that I am, I immediately wondered how they make those donuts without holes. My view was inadvertently startled by a kid and a crew in the counter.

She was making doughnuts! Woot! How cute is that?! =) Well if she can do it I might as well take the chance hehe. Yes I requested to make one too. They gladly wanted to teach me how. To make things extra sweeter, I marveled at the ingredients... plus this tub spinning around with CHOCOLATE fudge on it.

So I behaved and stopped myself from dipping my hand and putting them all on my mouth LOL. I proceeded to make my own doughnuts, yes ladies and gentlemen you can do it in this branch! Imagine that!

There were doughnuts with holes with them and those that didn't have one. The others were already using the first so I made mine with the latter. It was really hard putting in chocolate on it and making it look pretty. So in a nutshell, mine didn't look quite nice hahaha! (pero syempre LOVE YOUR OWN! LOL)

I just dipped the complete half of it and had the other side sugar raised. I also put toffee crunch toppings on that choco side. It was SWEET hehe. The team leader said it was good (binola pa ako no?) hahaha. Well don't worry I gave that up and just asked to watch in the Baked Creations Theater the professionals and checked how they do it. I was impressed!

Pouring dough mix on rings and adding the cheese, bacon, ham or other ingredients.

Baked after proofing these rose a bit. So that's why they have holes in them! =)

My favorite is the ones with Sausage or Bacon on them. You can really taste the meat and cheese! Yum!

The sweet ones have filling, chocolate, caramel or icing on top. I love the sweet versions of it!

Paired them up with iced, frozen or hot coffee and it's a done deal! =)

If you are a sweet tooth make sure you order this one (Caramel). It's a treat and I love how it cuts the savory - smokey flavors of the Baked Creations!

Putting up this particular store was in time for Krispy Kreme's 75th birthday. It was just high time that everyone in the South gets fresh baked creations that only Krispy Kreme can provide. Doughnuts and Coffee now wouldn't be the same in Alabang Town Center, make sure you drop by from 7AM to 11PM everyday before or after going to work or school. You'll thank me for it.

Congratulations on your 75th birthday Krispy Kreme! ♥


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