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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back at One - One of my favorite things to sing in Videoke by Brian McKnight =)

t looks like it's high time that we enjoy the summer and take a crack at those fun activities with friends and family. I've been lounging around doing nothing these past few days and i think we need something to get our minds off the sweltering heat of the sun! It's the perfect season to see long lost friends and reconnect. Have you ever dreamed of having your own concert? How about that fun little activity they call videoke for starters?! I've been suddenly invited to this awesome competition called BACTIDOL's 12 hour SING-A-THON and I'm so ecstatic! I can't wait to show em my vocal prowess and prove to them that I could last long in this competition.

I can employ the help of friends and relatives to get that number off the mark. It's open to teams or barkadas composed of 10 members. We would have to sing for a total of 12 hours straight in order to win the coveted 20,000 pesos in Red Box Eastwood City. This will be held on March 31'st which is quite near already so I suggest you stretch those vocal chords and make that note count. Visit their great FB page over at for the complete detailed mechanics of this contest. This might be the thing you and your friends are waiting for. Need I say more?!

So the next time you drop by your local pharmacy make sure you get Hexetidine Bactidol. It's relief from sore throat for 12 hours! It's time to practice with our favorite song now! It's that easy to win 20,000 pesos with your friends! =)


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The Food Scout said...

Amazing post! Looks so fun!!! :)