The Unconditional Love Pets Give

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Man's best friend always has and ever will be a dog. I also have one and he's a Japanese Spitz. There are several reasons why someone should own a pet but once you do, you'll realize it's the unconditional love that they give that would make everything worth it. Taking care of one entails a lot of things like food, play and shelter. It's like another person in the family and you can't just leave them at home. You worry about them, you think about them... and you just couldn't wait to get home to see them wagging their tails signifying the love you thought they would never give you. It teaches you how to care for another life. I bought him something to play with a few months ago as a treat and he loves it. See the cute cow above? That's going to be his companion when I'm not around. Although I must admit I have to make time and play with him everyday. It's one way of paying back for the things he's done even if in hindsight, the things he actually does is priceless.

Times have changed and in order to take care of him we also have to consider his diet. I wish I had petco pet coupons everyday so that it'll be easier and a little cheaper to feed him as I want him to have the best. It makes his fur a tad bit shinier. It makes everything a little cleaner and us a lot presentable when walking in the park. I would like him to also carry the good looking title just like me. =)

After all, there is a survey in the US that indicates guys who have pets are better lovers than those who do not. Maybe that's a hint to all the ladies out there who's finding the right guy. It's so nice to know that even your personality is going to improve a lot just by experiencing and taking care of a pet. It also lengthens your life span too. If that isn't enough reason to get one then I don't know what will. Life has always been good to me and now that I've got someone to take care of it just becomes a lot better. I tend to have him enjoy the life I live too. I don't spoil him that much but if I find the time to do it I will. Things have changed for the better and what more could I ask for? He makes me just as happy as everyone else in my life. I love what it does to me. It makes me a better person inside and out. That is so priceless!



glentot said...

Pakita mong pet mo!

el toro bumingo said...

Wow... I should really get a pet. I wanted to be a better lover :)