Sam Concepcion and Julie Anne San Jose Graces The Cover Of PINOY MAG!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

photo 3 Samlie

Yes they do cross borders.

It looks like teen sensations Sam Concepcion and Julie Anne San Jose just tore down the network wars wall and combined in a one of a kind cover for Pinoy Mag; the country's premier music magazine. To make things even better it'll be on the March - April 2012 issue and I'm sure fans from all directions can't wait to have this particular issue in their hands.

Julie Ann San Jose, a teen charmer from GMA who got me impressed when she sang something when I visited the Party Pilipinas set months ago is surprisingly quite grown up already. She's still hot and paired up with rap prince Elmo Magalona and I think they are trying it out now with someone quite close to her genre of songs. I have seen quite a few who agree to this team up and seen some SAMLIE fans already making a scene in their appearances. Is this something Elmo should be jealous about?! I dunno!

picture 1 Samlie

For what it's worth, I think some are seeing this as a threat to their love team although I see this as a great working relationship. Sam Concepcion is no stranger to singing either because he has worked with some of the best ones in the region and in the world. If these two become a pair today, the voices alone would tell us it's meant to be. Would the JulieElmo fans beg to differ? I'm sure they will but what's great is that even if they are from different networks and won in programs that were in direct competition they still had time to get together for projects like this cover for Pinoy Mag. Aren't you excited about what could happen next to SAMLIE once this becomes something more than friendship? I'm as clueless as you are but I am extremely happy that they got to work together, music definitely transcends network wars... its something that the greater good of music can definitely agree with.

Here's a video of the pair singing No Air uploaded by Youtube user/fan AmBootSaImo

So for those who want to grab a copy of this Pinoy Mag issue to check out what they have to say in this whole brouhaha, head on to your favorite 7/11, Mini-stop, Odyssey Record Bars, Astroplus, Booksale, Filbars, NBS, Shell Select, Mightee Mart, newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide! This will surely sell like hotcakes eh?!

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