Marriott Manila's New GM William Scott Sibley

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Marriott Manila has been my haven for scrumptious meals (via M Cafe), rest and entertainment when I'm around the Resorts World area in the South. That establishment has a lot of promise since its inception early on; and I've heard good news yesterday about them having a new General Manager Mr. William Scott Sibley.

official photo

With a very impressive resume (which includes thirteen different properties in various countries of the Marriott brand: Marriott Hotels Downtown, Renaissance Hotels, and Marriott Resorts and Spa) and a throng of Filipino staff to work for him in Guam Marriott Resort, Scott is quite enthusiastic to take on this great challenge to take Marriott Manila a step further than what it is today. His heart is very close to the Filipinos; he's married to one to say the least. He says “I’ve found love here ( Philippines )—from people, culture, to the feel of a beautiful tropical country”.

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Photos above seen him in action at the Guam Marriot Resort and Spa!

He also authored a book called "Tour South East Asia with Scott" and has made remarkable achievements even before he became GM of Guam Resort and Spa. He's very optimistic that Marriott Manila will soar higher and better this year. Congratulations to Marriot Manila for having him on board and I'm so excited about the things that he has planned for the hotel this 2012!

There's nothing left to go but forward!


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