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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art is subjective, and so is interior design. Honestly, I'm not an expert on the subject because my standards are pretty high. When I see something nice it'll have the credit its due but in all the right places; it must be special. That's why I always want to be in Dimensione. They've literally given us a choice and a taste of what modern European aesthetic is.

Now this "Wonder Puppy" over here has been an iconic piece for Magis and they did a spin on it via the artists listed above. We have very talented people; and seeing our work instilled on pieces like this would just be proper. The artists themselves believe that this has been a great collaboration between them, Dimensione, Secret Fresh and Magis. We were up for a big surprise later on. I even saw some interesting items on the store so I had to take tons of photos!

These are actually chairs. Pretty cool stuff if you had this on your garden or maybe on your own room. It has this psychedelic vibe.

For people who love cats, isn't this a neat bunch? :) I already want one hehe

This I gotta have! It's uber cute and you have to sit on top of him which surprisingly is comfortable. I thought it was gonna be awkward but no!

I love the transparent pieces too that look like glass. Some of them (MAGIS brand from Italy) you can only find at their store.

These are stunning pieces all available at Dimensione in Bonifacio High Street and who couldn't resist looking at those accent/big pieces that's all made of plastic. Aren't they just cute? Plus this ladder looking storage cabinets look really good, I'd want to have some on my home.

 I also met some of my favorite Fashion blogger friends. Of course some of us had fun in the space too because the chairs were really awesome!

That's besties Jacob of http://www.projectjacobg.blogspot.com/ and Angel of http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com/ on the great spinning top chair. You can tell they were having fun!

Arnie of http://www.arnievillanueva.com/, Ana of http://www.anagonzales.com/, Raiza of http://misspopquiz.tumblr.com/, Paul of http://paultheprguy.blogspot.com/ and Paxieness of  http://www.aisaipac.com/. That was a mouthfull LOL!

She's April (sorry I don't know her blog), Hezron of http://hezronperalta.tumblr.com/, Jacky of http://jmoraleda.blogspot.com/, Angel and Jacob again, Verge of http://rightontheverge.blogspot.com/ and the lovely Rovie of http://thebargaindoll.blogspot.com. I'll have to really get to memorize their names after this post hehe. (More photos here)

Back to the event, Patty Laurel hosted. She's so simple and nice no? I should have talked to her but she was busy doing this gig. She also introduced people from Magis and Secret Fresh.

They very much explained the brand and how the collaboration came up. They tapped esteemed artists from around the country just so they could get different looks. Imagine how they jazzed up the ordinary white puppy!

When the curtains came up there was a huge display of the puppies! Imagine the smile on everybody's faces when we saw the artworks! Each piece is also for sale, and I think there are some more in their store. You should definitely get a hold of these!

This is the Magis Wonder Puppy which is made into "The Anti -Monochrome Puppy" by Tripp 63. He's a self taught artist. His previous work and art pieces involved graffiti and spray painting. Colorful eh?

This one is from Electrolychee. I hope you can still see the etchings on the puppy itself. It's quite nice since he drawed inspiration from agimat, or charms via computer generated vector art. It's quite symbolic in execution. You should see the details personally the photo just won't do justice. This one is entitled "Upong Otso Singkwenta Lamang"

This gorgeous one is called "Sta.Cruz" by Wesley Valenzuela. This is his homage to the Philippine Jeepney and his hometown Sta. Cruz in Manila. He does mixed media and a lot of things on his artwork. We'll need an encyclopedia to discuss what he's done lately but you get it right? Isn't this nice? :)

Shiny and galactic this piece is entitled "The Green Guardian" by Farley Del Rosario. He's won awards and had some of his work featured abroad. No doubt this was one of the nicest pieces I've seen in the event. Maybe this implies the planet we live in and this hero will probably be protecting it. Nice eh?

 I saw this lady in high heels come in while the event started, I didn't know she was the artist who made this whimsical piece that's got toy soldiers all around it. It was really nice to look at and you won't see the soldiers when you're far looking at it like this. You need to look closely and know the reason why she named it "Rally". Mimi Tecson is into art crafts and had made pieces that had symbolism and sentimental value for her. She's done a lot of reconstructive ones that made her work a bit fancy. Isn't this nice? =)

Among all the pieces I loved this monsterized piece by Nemo Aguila. He's done several pieces in the past and he's doing a lot on this style. Shocking, very unique and quite astounding. I love the eyes and the mouth on front and on both sides. He called this one "Ponkan". It's funny, weird and I like it!

This one was made by Whoop. As you can see it's quite a piece for women and children. It's soft and the color palette followed a group that's totally different I could imagine teletubbies would love this. It would be perfect for a kids or maybe a babies room right? Whoop loves pastels, candies and things on this genre. It's definitely an eye catcher now.

They say you can never go wrong with re-interpretation if you did something from the ground up, so this piece made of the same wood Sto. Nino's are made of was designed by Janus Design Studios. They call this "Stray" which appropriately stands for going out of the line, or going out of the box. I guess they proved their point and got this awesome woodsy art piece that was in the center of it all. They had a fan club when the exhibit opened too! =)

Here are the artists and the birthday boy himself Mr. Ben Chan! Congratulations on the Magis Wonder Puppy - Secret Fresh and Dimensione collaboration! This truly spelled a great meeting of minds and talent. This is what you call success!

For more information where you can get these items

You may visit their store at 

Unit 901 Quadrant 5 Block 6 BGC,
Taguig, Metro Manila
TEL NO: (632) 8566756
FAX NO: (632) 8566755

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PS I swear this could have been the time I would meet Ms Daphne, but she was stuck in traffic in South Superhighway and didn't get to the event. Hopefully soon! :)



el toro bumingo said...

Who's the sexy guy with glasses? The one with the stripes shirt? He's uber gwapo naman :)

KUMAGCOW said...

He's Jacob, find his blog url above. Check mo site nya :)

el toro bumingo said...

Ay. Na-mention mo pala yung URL n'ya hehehe. Censia na 'di ko nakita. Di kasi naka-hyperlink yung blog URL n'ya eh. Thanks Idol. Wag ka mag-selos kay Jacob ha? Lamang lang s'ya ng mga 3 paligo sa 'yo Idol. Gwapo ka pa rin for me Mr. Kumagcow :)