Knowing Your Rights and the Importance of Freedom

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sometimes when we watch news over at WCPO, LOCAL12, WLWT, or FOX19 we sit and wonder how driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, theft and domestic violence still happen in the state of Ohio. For an institutionalized state and well off cities to even make several incidents happen in a day is just unimaginable in this day and time. These are serious crimes and you might need to pay a hefty amount or serve jail time if proven guilty. Most often than not, not all of these guys or gals deserve to go through the arduous process of the criminal justice system. It would be time consuming and troublesome for any person to do that. It pays to have proper representation and people who can defend you if you feel that you are wrongly accused. 

There are several people who go through this in a day. Think about how many it would be in a week, month or even a year. We don't want this not to look like an escape goat but more of something that you would need so you know your rights. There is a saying that ignorance of the law excuses no one and you need a professional lawyer to make sure you have all your rights protected. Whether it's here or outside the country it's the right thing to do. Make sure you know your rights and always understand that a crime is a crime. If you did nothing wrong, you deserve the freedom that you have just like the rest of the citizenry.


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