McCormick Bread Spread: The End To Bland!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I cook. I have been for the past few years and one of the staples in the kitchen are spices. I can't live without them because it tells who I am through food. Taste is defined by the choices you make and since we are in a tropical country, we don't have that much available locally. Good thing there's McCormick!

Imagine, this is their 150th year of providing the highest quality ingredients to flavor every dish in our table. Just last weekend we were given a treat at Bonifacio High Street's Fully Booked where they showed some remarkable additions to their arsenal. Have you seen them on your local groceries already?

If you have been tiring yourself endlessly putting butter over rye and crushing garlic before spreading over it, then this is your best friend. McCormick has launched their Bread Spreads line. Now all you need to do is pop up the lid and put it on your favorite crusted bread. Nothing fancy, just plain easy. I had this for starters and I loved how it was priced. This only costs 75 Philippine Pesos in the retail market. The Garlic flavor was awesome, but there was actually more...

Oh just mention pesto and I'm there. This is actually my favorite pasta condiment but now that it's easy to spread on bread, it'll be a good comfort food other than preparing the whole dish instead. I should probably try this on pasta and see what it'll taste like.

Sorry the sun kinda had this shot too shiny haha. But this is the Herb Parmesan Bread Spread. This is my favorite out of the three they have released. I thought it was just for bread though, I didn't know it had other surprises in store.

They actually used it to cook. Yes you heard that right, they used these bread spreads to flavor those dishes you usually have to use a lot of ingredients to prepare. Imagine your pasta, with garlic and pesto from these tubes. It was surprisingly yummy! I had a couple of servings of the Chicken with prepared with the pesto spread too.

 See what you can do with the new McCormick Bread Spreads? From mains, pastas to salads they can always be your buddy. It's time they put an end to bland and make flavor a number one priority on your kitchen! Best of all it's ZERO TRANS FAT!

So make sure if you are looking for Herbs and Spices, Seasoning Mixes, Blends, Extracts and Food Colors, Grill Mates Seasonings, Gourmet Collection, Seafood Seasonings and Sauces you must buy McCormick. It's the only thing on my pantry, it should be the same on yours!


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ZaiZai said...

pwede ba yan sa spaghetti? haha..anyways, saw this at the grocery, wanted to buy it though naisip ko isang kainan ko lang ubos agad. di ko na lang binili :)