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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let me start this article first with a fair warning: I am a die hard Eraserheads fan. It is my generation. You probably would have seen me stalking these boys way back in 19## and think that I am crazy. I am that weird then. But I don't regret every second of it because when it comes to these guys I am a in some way or another, a purist. Honestly, I get bothered by reinterpretations of their songs. 

Then The Reunion came a long, I watched it two days ago and I must say, we should relatively open our mind to these kind of things. After all, it's a tribute to these guys I idolize. It's more of an interpretation of their music. The movie itself had me reminisce of the times I frequently day dream about. 

I connected quite well with Enchong Dee's character plus a little of Xian Lim. It's a good thing it is still showing on theaters nationwide. You can still catch THE REUNION and make sure you bring along friends and families. Together, you can think of the times you shared during high school, and laugh about the mistakes you made a long the way. Because behind it all you kinda  agree with the goal of the movie, that you only become who you are right now because of the past. It made you who you are today and there should be no regrets. Direk Frasco Mortiz and Kean agreed with me when I attended the blog conference. It was enlightening to watch it. You probably think I'd be hell mad about why they are doing this to Eraserheads but for them to give so much time and effort to present something to the masses and let them be in touch with how we used to give a great big deal of respect to their songs was just phenomenal. 

This film had all of the gorgeous men in Philippine TV and Cinema all in one film. Cast includes Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, Jessy Mendiola, Julia Montes, Kean Cipriano,  Xian Lim, Matt Evans, Tom Rodriguez, Joseph Marco, Ivan Dorschner, Brian Santos, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Kakai Bautista, Louise Abuel, and Ms. Gina Pareño.

Bangs Garica had a pretty remarkable transformation in the film. I don't want to give you too much details because its one of the reasons why you have to watch why. Kean was somehow like my friends in highschool, I was so shocked to see how close it was with some of my closest friends. In one way or another I was a little "Gago" back then and this exactly was the type of people I usually go with. I fear too much that it had me thinking, this is me in a different setting, in a different way. Overall the cast did a pretty good job mixing the scenes, the love teams (which by the way is so shockingly paired) and the music. There are some runs on the film where you just wanna chill. It's meant to be like that because that's exactly what we did back in the days. The song choices were superb and you'll know it was meant for every scene they did in the movie.

I don't want to expound on the story because I don't want to preempt things, but there are cameo roles too that you should definitely watch out for. Even Slater was there, you'll surely appreciate where they will pop up in the story. Make sure you don't miss this one, it is a must watch! I can probably say this will be one iconic film a generation could brag about later on.

Need I say more?

The Reunion


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