Join Solo's Online Model Search Year 4!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

These guys in the video started with an online search a couple of years ago and look at where they are now?! From print, to ramp, to huge billboards, their campaign just smelled success in all the right places and SOLO definitely wants you to be part of it.

Consequently, aside from launching their latest collection of PUPUNG by Tonton Young... they've got all of the aspiring models, guys and gals of any shape and form to join the search for the two new faces to represent Solo; where winners would be officially announced on Spring of 2013! You can be the next featured male and female endorser on their fourth year holding this competition! Your partner photographer and graphic designers will also get the chance to win some fabulous prizes too! Check out the full mechanics HERE.

Let's all reminisce with what we loved and continue to love as we all enjoy this homage to a great cartoonist Tonton Young as part of the Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series by Solo. It's the perfect way to give respect to something that has given us more than the normal humor, satire and relief from politics, current events and everyday life.

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